Eileithyia is the Greek goddess of childbirth and midwifery. Her Roman counterpart is Lucina.

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Eileithyia was born as the third child of Zeus and Hera, and became the Goddess of Childbirth. However, after Artemis midwifed the birth of her own brother, Apollo, she came to share the same province of childbirth and midwifery with Eileithyia.

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

When Eileithyia arrived at Alcmene's house to help her deliver Heracles, Hera forced her to delay his birth, and then made her ensure that Eurystheus was born first instead.


Eileithyia presumably possesses the standard powers of a goddess.But as a child of Zeus and Hera is very Powerful.

  • Reproduction Manipulation: As the Goddess of Childbirth and Midwifery, Eileithyia has absolute control and divine authority over reproduction. As shown in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, she was able to freely alter and manipulate the process in which living organisms produce offspring - she delayed Alcmene's delivery of Heracles, and ensured that Eurystheus was born much earlier than expected.


  • Her Egyptian equivalent is Tawaret.
  • Eileithyia and Artemis share jurisdiction over childbirth and midwifery.
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