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Magnus Chase and his friends, the main einherjar of floor nineteen.

Einherjar (pronounced "in-HAIR-yar"; singular einherji, pronounced "in-HAIR-yee") are great heroes who have died with bravery on Earth; soldiers in Odin's eternal army; they train in Valhalla for Ragnarök, when the bravest of them will join Odin against Loki and the giants in the battle at the end of the world.


Einherjar live in Hotel Valhalla, where they train on a daily basis for Ragnarök. They don't age after they have been brought to Valhalla and cannot be permanently killed while there, as they are resurrected a few hours after they are killed as long as they are within the boundaries of the hotel.

However, if they die outside the boundaries of Hotel Valhalla, they will not resurrect. Einherjar are also prone to fading.

Known Einherjar

Honorary Einherjar

If an individual has done a great deed for the Nine Worlds they can become honorary einharjar if the manager finds them worthy. They can come and go from the hotel as they please, but due to being einherjar in name only they do not have rooms and can not be resurrected if killed. They are given white hard hats to symbolize their status.

Known Honorary Einherjar


  • Enhanced Strength: Einherjar have increased strength from when they where alive.
  • Einherjar Immortality - While within Hotel Valhalla, einherjar cannot die, but will be resurrected after gaining a mortal wound.
  • Enhanced Agility: Einherjar are more agile than when they were alive.
  • Hebekinesis: Due to technically being dead, einherjar can not age.


  • According to some myths, einherjar have a golden aura that can only be seen by valkyries.
  • Magnus Chase describes the tranformation into an einherjar as not nearly as dramatic as turning into Captain America (Captain America: The First Avenger, 2011), but very similar (in his case).
  • Although both Norse demigods and mortals can become einherjar, it is unknown if demigods from other Pantheons or magicians from the House of Life can become einherjar as well, though it is highly doubtful since the other pantheons would presumably have a more direct claim over their souls than the Norse Gods would.
  • If an einherjar is killed outside of Valhalla’s boundaries, then they will either end up in Helheim or Ginnungagap.