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You have two choices. You can die on your own, or we can help by killing you!
I love helping! Helping is fun.

–Ek and Do, Aru Shah and the End of Time

Ek (pronounced: "ick") and Do ("dough") are the two Hellhounds who guard the entrance to the Kingdom of Death. Ek and Do respectively means one and two in Hindi, the most commonly spoken language in India.[1]


Ek and Do are the great hounds of Dharma Raja. They are the reason why some people fear the Hindu god of death. Sometimes, Ek and Do are sent to the world of the living in order to beckon souls to Dharma Raja.[2]

Rick Riordan Presents

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

The two dogs were first heard arguing about a dog named Sirius and The Dark Knight, the movie. Ek claims that being born first makes him more important than Do. When Aru Shah and Mini arrive, the latter reveals that she is allergic to dogs. The dogs say they can't come unless they are dead, so they have to die on their own or the dogs will help with that.

Aru tries to say that they'll find another way in but Mini won't leave, she announces that that the kingdom is hers as she is the daughter of Dharma Raja. Aru adds that her father is Indra, Do wants autographs of the "celebrities" dead or alive but Ek says that won't make a difference as they have carried the souls of queens, murderers and infernal Yogalates instructors. Even the gods reincarnated in mortal bodies have to die, the girls will get new bodies if they quickly die. However, Do doesn't feel like killing at the moment, they'd much rather go out to the cremation grounds, bury bone shards, or we can play Catch the Beheaded Thing instead. Ek was strongly against it but Do points out that they did keep their promise about playing catch the day before. When Mini threatens to tell her father, Ek calls her a brat, which Aru agrees with, but Do thought it sounded nice. The two dogs discuss whether to first eat the heads or tails of the girls, the tails are in a metaphorical (symbolic) sense. While the dogs go into another argument, Mini managed to make a cat out of smoke using her compact. Aru used her "magic ping-pong ball" as a tennis ball to have Do chase after while Ek goes for the cat. This allowed the girls to enter the true doorway to the Kingdom of Death, though Aru Shah was thinking about asking her mother for a cat instead of a dog.


Do had a higher pitched voice than Ek. They both had two rows of eyes and short brindled fur that rippled and shimmered. Their teeth were very sharp and covered in blood, with a fat pink tongues. They can grow to the size of a respectable town house.


  • In some versions of Hindu mythology, Ek and Do are named Shyama and Sabala. Yet another name for one of them is "Sharvara", which means "Dog of Yama,"[3] they were said to be the sons of Sarama, a wolf who helped Indra recover some cows from demons.[4]
  • Their Greek counterpart is Cerberus.
  • Their Egyptian counterpart is Ammit the Devourer.
  • Their Norse counterpart is Garm.


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