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Amos Kane blasting his opponents with electricity.

Electrokinesis is the ability to mentally and/or physically manipulate and control electric currents and static electricity.


Electrokinesis is a very powerful ability to have. One with the ability can summon lightning, electricity, or even make a static shock powerful. They can electrify their weapons in order to make their weapons more effective, causing more damage. They are also unaffected by other types of electrical blasts, or are at the very least, more resistant to them. It seems to be an ability possessed by the children of Zeus, and his Roman counterpart, Jupiter. This ability can also be possessed by powerful children of Poseidon, and his Roman counterpart Neptune, as they are able to create strong storms that can generate lightning.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

After Thalia Grace is upset that Percy Jackson did not follow her orders to guard the flag, a simple touch sends an electrical current through his body. This ability is displayed in numerous other places as well. This event happened when Thalia was emitting static from her body. She uses this also when battling the Nemean Lion and Luke Castellan.

The Last Olympian

Zeus, god of the sky

During Typhon's rampage across the United States, Zeus used his power over lightning to repeatedly try and stop Typhon, even going as far as to use his Master Bolt. But Typhon is so powerful, that the powerful electricity merely just annoyed him. 

Thalia also uses a bolt of lightning to defeat a Laistrygonian Giant in Central Park, summoning it from the sky. This action appears to tire her when used.

Later, while fighting Hyperion, Percy summons a hurricane with that emits lightning.

The Heroes of Olympus

Jason Grace, son of Jupiter

The Lost Hero

When Jason Grace is sitting around the campfire, in order to prove to the others that he had already been claimed, he summons a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike his lance. When he was fighting Lityerses, he summoned a bolt of lightning and destroyed the roof. Later, while fighting Enceladus, Jason strikes the giant with his spear and asks his father for help, resulting in a lightning bolt (presumably from Jupiter) splitting Mount Diablo in half. Jason, like Thalia, can emit static from his body as he did to shock Khione, and many others. Summoning lightning from above, however, taxes their strength more than using their other eletrokinesis abilities. Both Thalia and Jason mention and show signs of fatigue after calling lightning down.

Later in the story, King Midas turns his friends into gold, which makes Jason mad. So Jason says that gold is a great conductor of electricity, so he uses electrokinesis and blasts the roof of the gold house and defeats Midas for the time being.

The Demigod Diaries

In the Diary of Luke Castellan, it is said there that Thalia almost killed Luke when she summoned lightning. Thalia summoned lightning to make the Greek Fire.


  • To emit static electricity from the user's body.
  • To call down lightning or thunder from the sky.
  • To create a ball of electricity and launch it.
  • To create storms or clouds that emit lightning.
  • To conduct electricity into weapons to improve their power.
  • To potentially power up and manipulate electric-powered machines.
  • To speed up one's reactions by electrically stimulating the nervous system. 
  • To perform transcranial magnetic stimulation to alter a person's neurophysiology by magnetically stimulating the emotional centers of the brain. 
  • To teleport to other places.
  • To perform electromagnetic fields/force fields and manipulate them to either take the opponents down or use it to fly.
  • To cause brain damage by preventing the firing of neurons in the brain. 
  • To cure paralysis or nerve damage by connecting damaged nerves via an artificial bio-electrical circuit. 
  • To cause paralysis via electrical overload and damage the nerves. 
  • To control and manipulate electromagnetic fields. 
  • To absorb electricity. 
  • To metabolize electricity. 
  • To temporarily speed up one's cognitive abilities by electrically stimulating certain parts of the brain.
  • To potentially climb sheer surfaces via electrostatic adhesion. 

Known Users


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