Elemental Magic is one of the paths a magician can follow. A magician with this particular speciality is known as an Elementalist. An Elementalist has the ability to control a specific element; usually according to his or her choice of God or Goddess. Elementalists are generally skilled magicians, for it requires a lot of prowess to direct a path of a god into an element. However, magicians in training to become an Elementalist do not need to focus on just one element, nor are the only able to choose one specific element. Magicians may choose others or all the elements to control, even if they specify in a specific area. Thoth's elemental shabti in The Red Pyramid that he tested Carter and Sadie with made a wave of water come from the ground, he made rocks fly at her, and he began to summon fire before Sadie finally destroyed him.

Types of Elements mentioned in the Kane Chronicles

Ma'at Chaos
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Cheese


  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Rain
  • Death
  • Healing
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Storm
  • Poison
  • Sand

Storm Magicians

Main article: Storm Magic

Storm magicians are elementalists that specialize in the chaotic elements which include lightning, sandstorms, storm clouds, tornadoes/hurricanes, and other kinds of storms. Storm magicians aren't valued, however, due to this magic being chaotic. Amos Kane is the only protagonist in the series shown to use storm magic initially due to being possessed by Set but later learned to do it on his own by channeling the Path of Set.

Notable Elementalists

  • Zia Rashid : Fire elementalist. Her power was greatly increased when she started to tap into Ra's power (or Khepri, a part of Ra), and she lost control of her fire several times.
  • Alyssa: Earth elementalist. She follows the path of Geb, the god of the earth.
  • Kwai: A lightning elementalist. His power was greatly increased when he combined with Apophis. He uses his power to torture prisoners.
  • Michel Desjardins: Earth Elementalist. He can control boulders and earthquakes.
  • Leonid: Air elementalist. He tapped into the power of Shu to get to Sadie. He practiced this path without letting his superiors know of this.
  • Felix: While his powers where unknown, Felix used several spells assosiated with water magic. His possible patron could be Nephthys, Tefnut or Hapi. Although not named in the series, Anukis, the goddess of water and the first goddess of the Nile could be his path.
  • Amos Kane: Storm magician. Along with the Divine Words, storm magic is one of Amos' specialties. He follows the path of Set, the god of evil and chaos.
  • Vladimir Menshikov: Though not specified, during the Throne of Fire, Vladimir exhibits powers over poison against Carter, and later on, near the end, uses storm and ice powers also against Sadie.


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