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Hearthstone, an elf.

Elves are creatures of light that appear in Norse mythology. They come from Alfheim, one of the Nine Worlds that are held in the branches and roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. Their lord is Frey.



Elves are one of the three mortal races. They need constant sunlight, like in Alfheim. Without it, they grow tired and will eventually fade away and die. Elves look much like humans but have a few non-human traits, including minimally pointed ears, green veins, and reflective eyes. Their sweat smells like pine needles and wood smoke.

Elves have become much like humans, losing connection to the other realms. They were once practiced in Alf Seidr and were skilled archers. Nowadays, most elves spend their time watching "funny pixie videos". Many elves also believe Midgard is a myth; they think humans still wear tights and live in medieval castles. Most elves also don't have much tolerance for things that aren't perfect, including their own children (as evident in Hearthstone's case).

Known Elves


  • Svartalfs, or Dark Elves, are not Elves but a subset of Dwarves.
  • In mythology, there are two types of elves, the Lyosalfar (light elves) and the Dökkalfar (dark elves). Light elves are the ones most likely featured in the series as they have fair skin and hair and thrive on light, while dark elves live underground and have skin said to be blacker than pitch.[1]
  • According to Alviss, the elves call the sky, "The Fair-Roof."[2]
  • It was implied several times (though never confirmed) that elves are considerably more physically powerful than humans:
    • Hearth can run very fast, even faster than Einherjar.
    • Mr. Alderman was able to kill a Brunnmigi in bear-wolf form.
    • Hearth is able to easily carry around Blitzen.



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