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Elon doesn’t need your leftovers. Elon gets the pick of the litter.

–Elon after refusing Claudia’s oatmeal in, Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio’s Journal.

Elon is a young faun residing in New Rome.


Elon was enlisted to help Mimi steal the ancile that gives Rome it’s power. He tricks Mamurius Veturius, who built eleven identical copies, to come to Temple Hill and traps the ghost in a bottle and demands he show him the real ancile. Mamurius refuses and Elon takes the shields one by one until he finds the real one.

The Trials of Apollo

Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal

As Claudia and Janice walk through New Rome, he is seen eating bits of soda cans off of a string. About a week later he was looking into the Mess Hall and Claudia offered him oatmeal, which he rudely refused. The following day he is talking with someone in a single person bathroom before Claudia interrupts.

A few days later he is seen sleeping behind the Temple of Mars after it is shut down by orders of Frank Zhang. A day later he speaks with Mimi and she tells him she is planing on destroying the ancile to destroy the remnants of Rome. He is disturbed by this and realizes he will die if that happens. After Mamurius is freed, the ghost forces him to guide Claudia, Janice, and Blaise to the dump. He happily agrees to help undo the damage he helped cause and guides the three.


Elon is described as a young faun with baby fuzz on his goat legs and horns that are only just visible.


Elon is shown to be a lazy and rude faun, only wanting the best trash to eat.


  • Elon refers to himself in the third person, which is fixed by the end of February.
The Trials of Apollo
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