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Elysium (Elysium Fields and Elysian Fields) is a paradise and a resting place for the dead located in the Underworld.


Initially separate from the Underworld, Elysium was reserved for good mortals, heroes, and demigods who had died a hero's death or lived a good life. Chosen by the judges, the souls of mortals and demigods who have been good, righteous, and/or heroic, would remain after death to live a blessed and happy eternal death, and indulge whatever employment they had enjoyed in life.

Elysium is a valley surrounded by walls, a gated community from which one could hear laughter and smell barbecue cooking. It has neighborhoods of beautiful houses from every time period in history such as Roman villas, medieval castles, and Victorian mansions. It also has flowers of silver and gold blooming on the lawns, and grass rippling in rainbow colors.

Compared to the Fields of Asphodel and even the Fields of Punishment, Elysium was one of the nicer realms in the Underworld. In the middle of Elysium were the Isles of the Blest, where souls who have chosen rebirth and achieved Elysium three more times reside. It is described as having shady parks with residents indulging their athletic and musical pastimes and surrounds a lake.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Elysium was described to be "Paradise, Las Vegas, and Disneyland rolled into one", the place where good souls went after death. They would have a house of their own and enjoy "five-star service" for whatever they needed.

The Lightning Thief

When entering the Underworld for the first time, Percy Jackson sees Elysium in the distance.

The Last Olympian

While talking with Percy, Nico di Angelo tells him that he spoke to Charles Beckendorf's ghost in Elysium, who told him that he will stay in Elysium instead of trying for rebirth, as he is waiting for someone to arrive. Annabeth tells Luke that he will reach Elysium, but he says that he will try for the Isles of the Blest. Also, Artemis asks Hades to send all of her fallen Hunters to Elysium.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Hazel Levesque is given the chance to go to Elysium for successfully stopping Alcyoneus from rising, but her mother will be sentenced to the Fields of Punishment for her greed and selfishness. Hazel thinks this is unfair and begs that her mother will be spared as in the end, she tried to save them both and the judges allow them to go to the Fields of Asphodel. Whilst in Asphodel, she sees the artificial sunlight reflecting off the water and sees heroes and souls sunbathing, in Elysium and the Isles of the Blest, when she takes Frank Zhang with her in one of her flashbacks.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tower of Nero

While speaking with Apollo about the death of Jason Grace, Nico states that he can sense that Jason is somewhere better now and the god wonders if its Elysium or rebirth. Nico admits that he was hoping that Apollo would know, but the god has no clue about after-death matters.

Known People In Elysium

Luke, the hero who ultimately defeated Kronos and resided in Elysium until choosing to be reborn.

The following people are residing in Elysium:

Name Reason
Achilles Lived as a hero. Died in Battle (Achilles Heel).
Alexandros Kind and peaceful, protecting the people of Troy.
Bellerophon Fought and killed the Chimera.
Bianca di Angelo

Being a good person, she sacrificed herself to stop Talos. Though she is no longer there, as she has chosen to be reborn.

Castor Trying to stop Kronos's army of monsters.
Charles Beckendorf Sacrificing himself by blowing up the Princess Andromeda.
Danae Protecting her son.
Diomedes Being a hero, such as fighting in the Trojan War, and taking part in Covert Missions.
Ethan Nakamura Trying to stop Kronos.
Hector Defending Troy.
Helen of Troy Savior of Troy.
Lee Fletcher Died fighting against Kronos's army.
Luke Castellan

Sacrificing himself to save Olympus.  Although he is no longer a resident due to choosing to be reborn.

Michael Yew Died fighting against Kronos' army.
Multiple campers. Died trying to stop Kronos' army.
Multiple Hunters. Died trying to stop Kronos' army.
Odysseus A legendary hero.
Patroclus 2nd in command of the Myrmydons, saved the Greeks.
Perseus Being a hero, slayed Medusa, saving Princess Andromeda, rescuing his mother.
Silena Beauregard Died a hero, attempting to kill the Drakon in the battle against Kronos.
Theseus Being a hero, killed the Minotaur.
Emily Zhang She died, protecting her companions during the war.
Esperanza Valdez (Maybe)

Mother of Leo Valdez and lover of Hephaestus. Esperanza Valdez was killed in a fire at the machine shop caused by Gaea, when the Mother Earth faced eight-year-old Leo Valdez. Her death resulted in Leo running away, and his eventual enrollment in Wilderness School. Leo believed he had caused her death for a long time.

Maria di Angelo (Maybe)

Maria di Angelo was the sweetheart of Hades. Hades had loved Maria dearly. He was even prepared to disregard Persephone (his own wife) by promising to build Maria and their children a palace of gold to live in if she would agree to go to the Underworld with him. Unfortunately, while she was in a hotel, Zeus destroyed it, killing Maria. Hades was only quick enough to shield Bianca and Nico. Hades was left devastated and shattered while witnessing Maria's death. 

Hades had wished to revive her in his loss, but Alecto, the Fury, reminded him that as an immortal, he had to respect the forces of life and death. A devastated Hades then told Alecto to bring Nico and Bianca to the Lotus Hotel and Casino where time stands still. Hades had them taken to Lethe to have their memories wiped . 

Maria's tragic death caused Hades a lot of devastation and pain, as well as bitterness towards his family, which in turn, lead him to the curse the Oracle of Delphi. Nico was able to partially use the memory of his mother to convince Hades to fight with the others. Nico also telling Hades that she was right about families sticking together and that Hades should prove himself to be more than what his siblings thought of him.

Naomi Died as a Hunter of Artemis battling Orion.
Celyn Died as a Hunter of Artemis battling Orion.
Phoebe Died as a Hunter of Artemis battling Orion.
Jason Grace (presumably) Sacrificing himself to let Apollo, Meg McCaffrey and Piper McLean escape from Caligula.
Dakota (presumed) Died of his wounds he received when fighting the Triumvirate forces


  • Since the Battle of Manhattan, any Hunter of Artemis who is killed during battle will be sent straight to Elysium.
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