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You can be anything.

–Emily Zhang to Frank Zhang about his powers at a young age in The Son of Neptune.

Emily Zhang was a Greek legacy of Poseidon, the descendant of Periclymenus, an Argonaut, and a lover of Mars. She was also the daughter of Grandma Zhang and the mother of Frank Zhang, one of the seven in the prophecy.


Emily Zhang was a Canadian soldier who died during the war in Afghanistan, while saving a few comrades' lives. Because she was an exceptional soldier, Mars, the Roman god of war, admired her and she became the mother of a Roman demigod, Frank Zhang. Emily was a major part of Frank's life, and she taught him his ancestry when he was a child. She was a witness to the revelation of Frank's firewood, and knew about the various weapons in the mansion. According to Juno, Emily was somewhat foolish during the war, thinking her powers could save her and her team. This comment understandably upset Frank.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

After Emily's death, Grandma Zhang informed her son, Frank, that he could no longer live at their family mansion and must go train at Camp Jupiter.

Later, while on a quest to free the god Thanatos, Frank runs into Iris. Frank sees many of the mannerisms of his mom in Iris and even thinks that the goddess looks like his mom.


Emily Zhang was a strong woman who cared about those around her. She was very protective of her son, but also was very encouraging of him. As she watched her son grow up, she would sometimes give him hints about the family ability, as she knew he would have a hard life ahead. Emily also had a strong sense of duty, joining the Canadian army and fighting in the war in Afghanistan. She even stayed behind and fought off enemy forces, allowing her allies to escape at the cost of her own life.


  • Shapeshifting: She had the ability to transform into any living creature as a descendant of Periclymenus.
  • Combat Training: Emily was trained by the Canadian military and even fought on the battlefield.


  • Emily had a habit of using several greats in a row when talking about the family's ancestors, while poking Frank's belly.
  • Emily is the only Greek legacy known to have had a relationship with a Roman god.
  • According to her son Frank, Emily looks like the goddess Iris.
  • Emily is the first known mortal parent of a demigod to not be fully human, as she was a descendant of Poseidon.
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