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Emma, along with Liz, is one of Sadie Kane's best friends and schoolmates. Sadie makes fun of Emma for being boy-crazy and thinking that her brother, Carter, is "hot".

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Emma is mentioned to be in one of Sadie's pictures inside her desk. Sadie also mentions that Emma thinks Carter is "hot".

The Throne of Fire

She is first seen along with Liz heading to Sadie's grandparents' flat for her birthday. Sadie, after bumping into them, has to lead her away from the flat, because she is being chased by the gods Nekhbet and Babi, who are using her grandparents as hosts.

The girls run into Anubis, god of funerals, and Emma is stunned by his attractiveness, stumbling into an irritated Sadie. While on a train ride to Waterloo Station, Sadie explains to her friends what is going on, and they accept her. After the final confrontation with Babi and Nekhbet, Emma and Liz stay with Sadie's grandparents while Sadie leaves with Bes, god of dwarfs.


Emma is like Liz and Sadie, brave, known not to hang out with weak guys. She tends to get annoyed easily. She is boy crazy and stumbled when she saw Anubis.


Emma has short, spikey hair and wears oversized, glittery glasses. She had grown taller since the last time Sadie had seen her and wears a black leather miniskirt, a fuzzy pink jumper, and ridiculous platform shoes. Sadie comments that "If Elton John had an Indian daughter, she might look like Emma".


  • Emma, like Liz, has a tendency to act foolish around boys they find attractive.

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