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Seriously, though, you're extra out there today. What are you obsessing about? The potential habitability of Europa? Or why they don't make whole sleeves of pink starbursts? Ooh, is it the dog thing again? What’s this week's breed?

–Emma asking Paola what she is thinking about in, Paola Santiago and the River of Tears.

Emma Lockwood is a girl living in Silver Springs, Arizona and is a friend of Paola Santiago.


Emma comes from a well off family, being able to have a mountain bike and a smartphone with an expensive case.

When she was about ten, Emma moved in Silver Springs, Arizona and befriended Paola Santiago and Dante Mata, two kids who lived on the other side of town. About a year later she watched her friend’s neighbors get arrested.

Paola Santiago series

Paola Santiago and the River of Tears

As she, Paola, and Dante sit by the banks of the Gila River talking about comics and space, they realize it is getting late and head home, but not before she and Paola prank Dante with algae. She says her goodbyes to her friends before biking home.

Unbeknownst to to her friends, Emma befriended a fellow tennis enthusiast her age at the country club who wanted to explore the Gila. Emma told her she knows a spot and makes plans to show her the spot before meeting up with Pao and Dante. When she arrives she sees Ondina, but Franco arrives and tells her not to trust her. He asks about her ring as a hoard of Ahogada arrive and drag her under the surface of the river. While imprinted by La Llorona, she keeps telling the weeping woman her friends will save her until she is placed in a prism.

She is discovered by Pao almost a week later when she, Pao, Dante and Franco are about to be sacrificed to resurrect Ondina. When the orb powering The Rift is drained, she is freed along with the other sacrifices and goes over to Pao. When the orb is shattered, the orb falls apart and she watches Ondina and La Llorona depart for the afterlife.

They float upward and find themselves in the Gila. They end up at the shore and walk a short distance before they find three Niños and head to their camp. When they arrive she tells Pao how she ended up a prisoner of La Llorona and Pao forgives her as long as they don’t keep secrets from each other. Naomi walks up to them and asks about their next move. She expresses an interest in going home and Dante soon comes over to point out Bruto. Marisa shows them the way out as Pao makes up a story about her getting lost in the cactus fields and her and Dante getting lost look for her when Carmela Mata appears from behind and offers them food. As they eat the old woman reveals she was once a member of the Niños de la Luz and tells the three it is just the beginning before ending the conversation. Dante's grandmother calls her parents and she eagerly hugs her mom.

Emma and the others are kept at home for the next three days until their parents and guardians relent to let them watch the SpaceX launch together. She arrives just before Dante and they news talks about their return and shows pictures of still missing children, including Marisa and Naomi. Pao leaves the couch to light a candle for the children with her mother and she holds Emma's hand when she returns.

Paola Santiago and the Forest of Nightmares

A week after being saved from the Weeping Woman, she comes out to Paola and her friend helps her come out to her parents, who quickly accept her. The two join the schools LGBTQAI+ club, also known as the Ranbow Rockets, however due to the club constantly spending money on supplies for signs for protest, something Pao could not afford to do, her friend quit the club and the two somewhat drift apart. Pao sees her hanging out with some club members at Pizza Pete's, but she fails to notice Pao.

The following day, as she is with the rainbow rogues, Pao calls her when Dante’s abuela suddenly falls unconscious. Fearing the old woman would be deported if she called 911, Emma says she would call a private ambulance and use her father’s credit card to pay for it. Emma arrives at the hospital soon after her friends and Pao tearfully tells her everything that has been happening since they saved her, something Emma says is her fault. She is shocked at Pao's plan to go to Oregon to find her father and cure Dante's grandmother and convinces Pao to only do this if their is no logical explanation. They enter the room, claiming to be Dante’s cousins, where they say Seniors Mata is fine physically but they are not picking up any brainwaves. Emma talks to the doctors as Pao pulls a reluctant Dante into the hallway to talk. After ghosts attack the hospital and the nurses blame Paola and Dante, even calling the police on them, a janitor tells her friends to leave and she urges Dante to go, promising to look after his abuela.

The following day, Pao calls her to tell her their has been no change in Señora Mata's condition and that the police believe drug addicts were responsible for the attack on the hospital.

The next day, she texts Pao the Señora Mata is still the same as when they left and the doctors are bringing in a specialist and new equipment. After that she and Pao text with each other and Pao reveals she doesn’t know what to do with Dante to Emma as Emma says they will make up eventually, even assuming Pao and Dante were dating. Pao debunks this before turning her phone off. Later that night after Dante attacks and betrays Pao, she calls Emma to inform her of what happened. After telling Emma the story, she says that Pao is not at fault and Dante is the one to blame. They call themselves each other’s hero before handing up.

A few hours later, she is with Pao's mom and Bruto when they are suddenly surrounded by green lights. She calls Pao to tell her and the three are brought to Oregon by Pao. She and Mrs. Santiago stand aside when Pao tells them to as she takes on The Hitchhiker.

She and Pao's mom are led to Beto's trailer by Estrella, where she frees Pal and takes Bruto outside as Pao and her dad close the void. After the deed is done and Beto survives, she consuls Pao, promising to be their for her.

After everything is over, Pao's mom rents a van to sit all fifteen of them and drives back to Silver Springs. After getting a call that Señora Mata soon readings have returned to normal, Pao and Emma head to the hospital to deliver the news of Dante to her. After Señora Mata calls Pao Maria again, they deliver the news. She reveals that she knows and doesn’t blame them for her grandson’s fate. They leave soon after and part ways. Emma invites Pao to a protest the Rainbow Rogues are putting on, but Pao declines as she is having dinner with her parents. Emma vows to help her get Dante back before leaving.


Emma is an adolescent girl of European decent with sand colored hair, blue eyes, and freckles. She often wears glittery purple nail polish and a ring with a heart shaped ruby on it. After coming out, she dyed a purple streak in her hair.


Emma is considerate of others, remembering things they were interested in months before. She is also not afraid to get her hands dirty for a prank.

After joining the rainbow rogues, she starts to take an interest in social justice.



Emma is close to her father. They often spend time together and he was devastated when she went missing. After she came out to him and his wife, the two were very accepting of their daughter's sexual orientation.

Emma is close to her mother, the two would get their nails done twice a week. When Emma went missing, she and her husband were devastated. After her daughter came out, she and her husband were very accepting of Emma's sexual orientation.


Paola Santiago, her friend.

Emma met Pao in late elementary school-early middle school and became close. They would hang out and bond over their shared interests such as favorite superheroes. After Emma went missing, Pao went to great lengths to rescue her. Soon after being rescued, she came out to Pao, who in turn helped Emma come out to her parents. However with six months, the two started to drift away with Emma starting spending more and more time with their school's LGBTQIA+ club.

When Pao journeys to Oregon to look for her father, they keep in contact and she comforts her when Dante betrays her.

Dante Mata, her friend.

Emma and Dante are close to one another, often spending time with each other outside of school. When she was taken by La Llorona, he and Pao went to great lengths to find and rescue her.

After learning that he attacked Pao and left her to die at the hands of a ghost, she becomes enraged and refuses to say his name.

After learning he was manipulated, she feels bad for Dante and wants to get him back, but still condones his treatment of Pao.


  • Emma is a feminine given name derived from the German word "Erman", meaning "whole" or "Universal".
  • Lockwood is a surname of British origin.


  • She is a fan of Wonder Woman and America Chavez.
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