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Let's face it - I'm the only one here with their head screwed on straight.

–Emmett to the Oh sisters in The Last Fallen Star.

Emmett Harrison is a member of the Gom Clan. He is a friend of Hattie and Riley Oh.


Emmett was born to a Witch mother and a Saram father. After his mother, a former elder of the Gom Clan, died when the exiled Horangi Clan attacked the temple, his father removed him from the gifted community and had the Enders ban him from the temple.

In his elementary school days, was was bullied for being short and his lack of a mother. He would say that she was overseas taking pictures of wildlife, but no one believed him and wrote layer on his locker. One day, he saw a girl, Riley Oh, crying in the library and gave her a bag of chocolate chip cookies. The two quickly bonded and ate lunch together.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

Emmett meets the Oh sisters at their home when they finish class. He is against their plan to give Riley magic, but he gives in and suggests they have their mom watch a K-Drama to get her to cry. The following morning he and Mong, the Oh family's dog, keep watch as the sisters find the spell. He again expresses his concern, but the Oh sisters do not take him seriously.

After the initiation, Hattie tells him a half truth about the spell not working and the elders wanting to exile either the entire Oh family or just Riley and leaving out the part about Riley being a Horangi. They tell Riley about their plan to summon Mago Hamli, the mother of all creation, and he agrees to help them out. They head to the Noh Dojang, where he meets Noah Noh, and Noah agrees to help them with the spell by giving them the Joseon Chalice and writes down the incantation, he tells them they need ashes of death and the elixir of life, blood from an initiated witch. After he agrees to donate his mother's ashes and Hattie donates her blood, despite Riley's protests, Noah tells them to go to a beach in Santa Monica, as the spell is most effective at high tide. After Noah activates the portal they head the Santa Monica after he gives them his dragon scooter Boris. When they arrive, he notices a lunar eclipse and Hattie mentions a solar eclipse earlier in New Zealand, which he says is impossible. He waits ashore as the Oh sisters go into the Pacific Ocean to perform the spell. However Hattie passes out and he helps pull her to shore. As he readies to call 911, they notice a woman they recognize as the Cave Bear Goddess, who agrees to heal Hattie if they find the last fallen star. They agree and watch as the goddess takes Hattie and leaves her heart in a vile.

He suggests calling her parents and Riley rejects, but agrees to after two days. When he mentions Griffin Observatory, she mentions one of her Saturday school classmates, Cosette Chung, is spending the night and they rush there on Boris. They run into Cosette and she refuses to let them in until she and Emmett realize they are on the same Battle Galactic team. After mentioning the fallen star she shows them a video of her sister reciting the legend at the temple talent show. After suggesting they head to the temple library, she uses magic to disguise him and Riley as her sister and herself respectively, much to his shock, and warns them the spell only lasts for an hour.

They rush back to the temple as, as he is mesmerized by the sight, Riley drags him to the elevator, as they get in they are joined by Jennie Byun and David Kim as they head to David's initiation. He wishes them luck as the two exit and they head to the basement to find a massive laundromat. They find a statue of a Cheollimo and pets it. The statue suddenly comes to life threatens to kill them before saying it was joking and, after he offers it some cookies, he lets them in after they correctly answer one of three riddles and he offers the statue all his cookies before entering. They find themselves in a tropical greenhouse with their disguises gone and, after Riley smiles at her reflection, dozens of birds start to appear. When Riley touches one it turns into a book and they realize the birds are the books. After Riley remembers what the chelloma said, they look for an owl. When they find one, it turns into a book about magic artifacts and find a letter about the elders finding the hidden seventh artifact and a list of five to a possible eighth artifact. As they wonder if the fallen star is the eighth artifact, a gas’s emerges and they pass out. Riley finds him passed out in the laundromat and tries to wake him up, hugging and kissing him when he does, much to his disgust. They try to put open a door when the haetae appears to Riley, with him not aware of it, as it shows her a video of his mother. When he opens the door, he drags her out of the temple and when they reach the streets, they notice Hattie's heart start to blacken.

As they catch their breath, Riley tells him about her visions and what the guard told them before saying they need to track down the Horangi. At first he objects, but agrees so Riley wouldn’t have to do it alone and they head to the Los Angeles Zoo. When they arrive, they find a food truck selling tea and Riley orders a certain kind advertised on a poster with clues to the Horangi. They head to the tiger exhibit and drink, only to be teleported to a mountain forest and encased in earthen hands. They pass out and wake up in a semi flooded basement tied to chairs with ropes of water with three Horangi. The woman, who is revealed to be Sora from the letter they found, demands they tell them their business and has one of the other Horangi, and man named Austin, fire small metal stars at Emmett at as a warning. Soon Riley reveals that they are their to save her sister and that she is a Horangi. Everyone is startled by the revelation with him not being able to look at Riley. when Taeyo releases him, he runs away and starts accusing everyone he sees of killing his mother. He is found in a stand off between a group of scholars by Sora, Riley, and Taeyo, Sora and Riley defuse the situation and he calls Riley a selfish liar. After Sora learns who his mother was, she reveals to him that Sookhee was corrupted by an artifact and was to far gone. As she was dying, she mentions a woman she thought was her friend forced her to do it. After learning this, he agrees to help for Hattie's, but does not forgive Riley.

They spend the night in the dorms and are sent back to the zoo in the morning. After Riley discovers her sister's heart is almost half blackened, he realizes Boris is gone just as Taeyo arrives with an enlarged Boris, much to his joy. He explains how he has app that allows him to speak to gwisin, hungry ghosts who have not passed on. He is hesitant at first, but quickly agrees as he thinks it well bring him closure. After saying the hungry ghosts congregate at restaurants, he suggests Seoulful Tacos and they head out on Boris, with him driving, after Taeyo takes a selfie of the three. When they arrive at the restaurant, David Kim seats them and takes their orders. After David leaves Taeyo helps him create a profile to find his mom but they do not, much to his disappointment. After Taeyo activates his profile, they get better results and settle on helping an old woman deliver a message her granddaughter Jennifer, who Riley realizes is her bully from Saturday school. Just then David returns with their food and offers to take them to Jennie when they finish. They reach the Byun mansion as David convinces Jennie to let them in. Taeyo reads the message as they all get teary eyed. When the message is delivered, Jennie's grandmother appears and thanks them. When she asks if she can do anything for them, Riley asks if she can find his mom. She succeeds, but, to his distress, he learns his mom has become a vengeful ghost due to the guilt of a friend forcing her to steal the axe so that he could have magic. As the old woman passes on, he starts to forgive Riley as Jennie thanks them. Soon Riley announces she will initiate into the Horangi, much to the shock of him and the others.

David stays with Jennie as he, Riley, and Taeyo return to the Campus to find it under attack from a Inmyeonjo, a bird woman who destroys mirrors. They find Sora and Austin as Riley tells them she is ready to initiate. Emmett pulls Riley aside and asks why she changed her mind. She tells him that she thought she would be abandoning the Gom if she initiated as a Horangi, but realized she would be sacrificing her adoptive clan as their motto entails. He gives her his ring and wishes her luck as Sora requests he come with her. After Riley tames the bird woman and joins the Horangi, she finds him talking with her adoptive parents and Okja. He fills them in just as Riley arrives and he goes with the Oh's, Okja, Sora, Austin, and Taeyo to a shed to talk privately. As the Ohs and the Horangi should accusations at each other, he glares at the Gom elder and accuses her of killing his mom when Riley accuses her of a cover up. Okra reveals her suspicions of the Samjogo elder, Bongjoon Pyo, is behind it due to his recent erratic behavior. The group forms an uneasy alliance and heads to Los Angeles.

They arrive at Mr. Pyo's place of work and, after Taeyo hacks into his calendar to make an appointment for his relatives, they walk right in. They find him in a meeting and, when he sees them, runs as they give chase. They corner him in his car as Sora, Austin, and Taeyo subdue him. Riley asks why he framed the Horangi. Mr.Pyo tells them Sookhee Harrison was behind everything, much to his sadness, before he comes to the realization that she was possessed by the Cave Bear Goddess as part of a plan for her and her sisters to destroy the artifacts, which are actually pieces of the dark moon and dark sun, to erase their sin so that they can enter the Mortalrealm and do what they please with humanity. After realizing the Cave Bear Goddess can possess members of the Gom, Riley asks if they can sever the clan's ties to her. Although hesitant at first, Okja reveals a spell exists and the Ohs agree to it. Just then Areum arrives and says the Dokkaebi know where the artifact is. As they question where to even find a dokkaebi, Mr. Pyo says one lives in the forty-fourth room on the forty-forth floor of the temple. They leave the elder behind and, after stopping at the Tokki elder's house for a sleeping potion, they reach the temple and argue over who is going to make a deal with the dokkaebi. When they reach the room, the decide on the Ohs going in.

He and the others enter the room and, as Riley had their memories of her erased to find the last fallen star, they do not recognize her and are surprised that she knows about their plan to sever the Gom from the Cave Bear Goddess. After Riley returns his ring, which questions how she got it de to forgetting that he gave it to her, and takes out Taeyo's compass, she believes it is the last fallen star and they head to the Gi Sanctuary. The Cave Bear Goddess arrives and asks Riley for the star. She then requests Hattie and the goddess obliges.

He watches as Hattie starts to spasm before speaking in the voice of his mother. After she explains to him what she did and how she regained her sense of self, she turns into a jaguar and goes to the afterlife, giving him a sense of closure. Riley berates the goddess for not returning Hattie, the goddess responds that, as she and the other goddesses are the daughters of Mago Halmi, all others are beneath them. Okra then starts the spell to sever the goddess from a Gom, binding the two with thread. Riley goes to cut off threads, but fails to do so as she realizes to late that the compass is not the star. As the Cave Bear Goddess berates Riley, for betraying her, Riley says she is powerless in the Mortalrealm without a host. Just then the goddess tries to possess Okja. He and the others try and fail to stop the goddess. He rides Boris around the Gi Sanctuary to aid the others in restraining the goddess, things improve slightly with the arrival of David Kim, Cosette Chung, Jennie Byun, and Noah Noh. He and the others are shocked when Riley announces she is the last fallen star and watches as she destroys the statue of the Cave Bear Goddess, expelling her from Okja and the mortalrealm.

As things calm down, he and Cosette give each other a salute from their game. Unknown to everyone, Riley is given a wish by the Haetae to undo anything from her past and she decides to resurrect Hattie. He does so and, after a delay, Hattie is resurrected. They all cheer and promise to find a way to restore their memories of Riley as they fill Hattie in.  


Emmett is a boy of short stature in his early teens with brown hair and eyes. He often dresses in black and wears a silver ring that contains some of his mother's ashes.


Emmett is a caring and loyal young man who acts as the voice of reason for his friends. He is also the most reluctant, usually protesting whenever Riley and Hattie jump into an adventure. He deeply cares for his friends, seen when he accompanies them in their various rule-breaking adventures. Emmett shows his own kind of bravery.

While he uses magic when backing, Emmett is against it most of the time, blaming his mother's death on magic.

Despite his calm nature, he has a burning hatred for the Horangi, blaming them for his mother's death and destroying the lives of him and his dad. After going to their territory and learning about Riley's true heritage, he goes on a spree of destruction and murder accusations. This hatred goes as far as hating Riley, who he has known for years.


  • Baking: Emmett is a skilled baker.
  • Mystiokinesis: As a witch, Emmett is able to perform magic.
    • Vitakinesis: As a member of the Gom clan, he is able to utilize Healing Magic.
    • Infusion Magic: Despite not being a member of the Tokki Clan, he is skilled in infusion magic.



Sookhee Harrison

When his mom was slaughtered, Emmett was never the same. He carried his ring, a memento of her, and never stopped caring for her. After speaking with her spirit, he comes to terms with her death.


Riley Oh, his close friend.

Emmett is a close friend of Riley, having joined her on her quest to save Hattie. After learning she is a Horangi, he feels betrayed and refuses to make eye contact with her. After learning his mother is a guilt ridden ghost, he starts to forgive her. After his memories of her are erased, he becomes cautious as Riley, not realizing the history the two of them share. After the battle with the Cave Bear Goddess, he starts to warm up to his forgotten friend.

Emmett is also friends with Hattie. He shows concern for her when her life is threatened to be destroyed, and helps Riley find the Last Fallen Star to save her.

Emmett is known to play with her on Battle Galactic, as CasseteTape99. He even convinced her to aid them in finding out the story of the fallen star.

Boris, a dragon scooter he bonded with.

At first, Emmett was disturbed and Leary of the Dragon Scooter. However within a day he became very attached to him and always wanted to stand upfront on him. During battles he would ride around on Boris.


  • Emmett is a a masculine given name derived from "emét", the Hebrew word for "truth".
  • Harrison is a a common surname of English origin meaning "Son of Harry".


  • Despite not being a member of the Tokki Clan, he is skilled in infusion magic.
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