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The Entropy-Sweeper is a scanner with a class-eight artificial intelligence created by Gustavo Vidon to scan for calamitrons.

Sal & Gabi series

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

Gustavo first uses it to search for Calamitrons on Sal Vidon after bringing Floramaria Vidon back for a fifth time. It senses nothing.

A few days later Sal uses it to scan Yasmany Robles’ locker. It senses thirty-seven by it goes down one and tells Sal he inhaled it. It senses nothing from the alternate Gladis Machado and is shocked when she knows it’s name.

Later that day it takes a liking to Gabi Real and the two are concerned when Sal snorts the calamatrons. After scanning the first and second floors it sensed no calamatrons.

The following week Gabi uses it to scan Sal when he snorts the calamatrons in Yasmany’s locker and gets nothing. It also senses nothing when Meow-dad uses Ignacio Real as a portal to another universe.


The entropy-sweeper is described as about the size of a weed wacker with handles to hold it while it scans for calamatrons and a screen that displays different emotions via emojis surounde by lights that flash and light up in every color of the rainbow.


The entropy-sweeper is known to be sarcastic and sassy. However it can be concerned and serious at times as it was worried when Gustavo Vidon assembled the Rememberation Machine in the living room of the Coral Castle and feared that it could be replaced and destroyed. It also tried to discourage Sal from snorting in too much calamatrons at once.


  • It says “I’m Alive!” whenever it is turned on and can turn it self on at will.
  • The only way it can truly be turned off is to remove its battery pack.
  • The entropy-sweeper is similar in character to Sumarbrander from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard trilogy.
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