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Erishkigal is the Mesopotamian goddess of the dead and ruler of Kurnugi.

City of the Plague God

As she and her sister are riding through Kurnugi with a pride of Ugallu, they find Mo and Sikander Aziz. As she orders her minions to kill them, her sister stops her. Instead she convinces her to send the brothers to the Sea of Tiamat to find the original Flower of Immortality and to fight Humbaba, a creature immune to attacks.


Erishkigal is a goddess with long black hair braided with moonlight. She wears black robes.


Erishkigal is very territorial. She considers killing all trespassers on sight.


  • She gets air sick.
  • Her Greco-Roman counterpart is Hades/Pluto.
  • Her Egyptian counterparts are Anubis and Osiris.
  • Her Norse counterpart is Hel.
  • Her Mayan counterpart is Ah-Puch.
City of the Plague God
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