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Eros is the Greek god of erotic love, affection, and desire. He is the lieutenant of his mother, Aphrodite/Venus. He is the frequent playmate of Hymenaios and Ganymede. His Roman counterpart is Cupid.


Eros was born to Ares and Aphrodite. Jealous that they were worshipping a mortal girl instead of her,  his mother ordered him, the god of love, to make Psyche fall in love with a hideous creature. However, he fell in love with Psyche instead. He said he couldn't show her his identity because then their marriage would fall apart and she'd suffer terribly, but the two befriended each other. During their time together, she got pregnant, a fact nobody noticed until a few months later.

One day, Psyche wanted to go home to visit her family, but her husband told her that she could never come back if she left. He revealed that she was actually under death sentence by the gods, especially Aphrodite, so she'd be exposed if she left. Psyche convinced him to bring her sisters to him instead, so Zephyros took them there. With her sisters' convincing, Psyche took a razor and went to her chambers with open eyes in the night, only to find that her husband was actually Eros. He woke up when a drop of hot oil from the lamp she had burned his shoulder. Trying to help, Pscyhe grabbed the left ankle of Eros, who flew away and dropped her under a cypress tree. Furious that she had betrayed his trust, Eros disappeared from their palace and ran to his mother.

As he was still recovering, he told her mother what gad really happened, much to Aphrodite's fury. After overhearing his mother Aphrodite, Eros convinced Zeus to send an eagle to get the water instead. Returning the tower of rock, a hidden Eros told Psyche that there is a volcanic crater leading to the Underworld. Having regained his strength, Eros flew to Psyche, but found her in a delicate state. He took her to Mount Olympus during one of Apollo's plays when Aphrodite arrived.

After she recovered, the couple formally reconciled. Soon afterwards, Psyche gave birth to Hedone, goddess of pleasure.


In both of his forms, Eros enjoys and knows how unpredictable his domain is. He can be quite vengeful if someone offends him, as was shown by how he shot Apollo after he made fun of his archery skills and appearance in the myth of Daphne. However, Eros shows pity for others and admires endurance, a trait his beloved wife Psyche possesses.


In Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Eros is described as "devilishly handsome". His appearance changes in the way his mother's does: It changes to appeal to each person who gazes upon him.


As a son of Aphrodite and Ares, Eros is very powerful. In spite of the fact that he is a minor god, his omnipotent romantic allure makes most of the gods, like DemeterHera and even Zeus himself actually fear him. The only known deities who have at least a partial immunity to him are the Virgin Goddesses.

  • Amokinesis: As the God of Erotic Love, Affection, and Desire, Eros has absolute control and divine authority over love, lust, and desire, but not quite as much as Aphrodite/Venus. He cannot create love from nothing. His form of love seems to be harsher and more enforced than his mother's, which might be due to Cupid being a son of Ares/Mars.
    • Arrows of Romance: Eros's power over love is usually exercised and enforced through his romantic golden bow and arrows. Anyone struck with his arrow will instantly be filled with uncontrollable desire and love for another, which he can choose. In Percy Jackson's Greek Heroeshe forced Apollo to fall in love with the nymph Daphne. ​​​​​​
    • Arrows of Coerced Romantic Confession: Eros can force anyone to confess their true romantic feelings by shooting them through his arrows. He can always tell if the person is lying. The only known one Cupid did this to was Nico di Angelo, with the latter being forced to tearfully admit his secret love was for Percy Jackson.
    • Romantic Omniscience: Eros always knows who a person is actually in love with.
  • Beauty and Allure: As the God of Eros, Eros can change his appearance at will, depending on the perception of beauty of the person he is in the presence of. This is mentioned in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes.
  • Archery: Which not quite as skilled in archery as Apollo and Artemis, Eros is quite an impressive archer on account of his long experience at striking others' hearts with his arrows.
    • Magical Arrows: Apart from his love power, Eros's arrows possess magical powers. If his arrows miss a target, they will glow white-hot and explode in a "geyser of flame". When his arrows hit a target, the arrow dissolves, leaving no blood or visible wounds.
  • French: As the God of Love, Eros is fluent in French due to it being the "language of love". 
  • Invisibility: Eros can render himself invisible in order to assault others unexpectedly. He cannot, however, will himself to become invisible while sleeping. This ability is first shown in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes when he lived in a villa with Psyche.
  • Disembodied Spirit: As seen in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Eros can send his spirit to other locations. He sent his spirit out after Psyche and briefly communicated with her as a disembodied voice since his physical body was far too weak for him to travel.


Eros's main and most infamous attributes are his romantic golden bow and arrows.


Aphrodite, his mother

  • Among the Greek gods, he is the only one who is just as shrew his Roman side when appearing.
  • His Norse equivalent is Balder.
  • Like Asmodeus in Cassandra Clare's The Shadowhunter Chronicles, both of them are the representatives of lust and emotions; they both are notorious for twisting people's hatred and sexual desires; both of their wives, Psyche and Magnus's mother, were apparently suffered a lot; they also seem intimidating enough to daunt gods and angels respectively; they're likely to take a stand on no one's side while enjoy threatening people and the victims' anguishes, which could be seen from torturing Nico di Angelo/Magnus Bane, whom had no choice but to accept their costly extortions, for bringing the latter's secrets to light. In addition to being each other's equivalents, both of them double as angel and demon to a certain degree: Cupid is an angel-like god with devilish personality; Asmodeus "was" a angel now fallen.
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