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Euna is a Celestial who is a cadet in the Thousand Worlds Space Forces. She is training to operate canons.

Thousand Worlds series

Tiger Honor

As she is reading in the cadet bunks, Ensign Hak introduces her to the new cadets, Juhwang Sebin and Baik Jee. She tells the ensign that Namkyu is in the rec room.

When an explosion sounds, she and Namkyu leave the bunk and run into Sebin, Jee, and Hak go into the corridors just as the security barricades close. Hak tells the cadets to return to their bunk until further notice and to contact lieutenant Han-gyeol if they have questions. They reluctantly obey and return to the bunks. Soon after they elect Namkyu leader and Jee hacks the security cameras to find that the captain and auxiliary commander are. The group tries and fails to contact anyone and Jee says all cameras are offline and an intruder alert has been triggered. She grabs a blaster she smuggled with her as Sebin transforms into a tiger. The brace themselves as the door opens. The door opens to reveal Kim Min, who is staying down the hall from them, holding a blaster to the cadets as Sebin reverts to human form. The cadets explain how they hacked into the security system and found no crew as well as failing to contact anyone. Min says she could not contact anyone as well and they set out to find someone. The group runs into Yi along the way, who confirms that it is sabotage and they pass unconscious crew members as they reach an elevator. Jee gets it operational and they head to the bridge. Before the doors open, Sebin tells her and Min to cover them. She and the others watch as Sebin transforms into a tiger and the group sees a larger white tiger among the unconscious crew. They relealize Sebin knows the saboteur by the way they were talking to the tiger as Euna fires a flashgun. The saboteur leaves and he and the others interrogate Sebin on their relationship to the tiger. Sebin says he is their uncle Hwan as Namkyu confirms that the crew is all alive. Min blames it on her luck as Yi orders her to escort Sabin to the holding cells for interrogation.

She and the rest of the crew take cover in the medical bay and open fire when Hwan rips the door out of the wall. They stop when Min talks them into standing down and accept Hwan as their new captain. After Hwan requests Sebin track down Yi, Sebin requests the cadets accompany them. Hwan allows Jee and Euna to go but has Namkyu stay behind. After sending a mercenary named Six to join the group they set out. As they find Yi heading to the bridge, which Hwan has an ambush waiting, Sebin has the group split up with them and Jee going one way and her and Six, who said their name is Rokuro, go the other way.

Jee meets up with her and Ruruko after Sebin is taken out by a trap Yi set. The three find Yi's office and they stun the special investigator upon entering. After Sebin fakes sending a message to Hwan, the group sets out for the captain’s office. They enter after surrender their weapons to the mercenaries guarding the office. After entering the office, Sebin has Jee hack into the security feed as Min's charm wears off on him. Sebin then turns into a tiger and tries to subdue Rokuro, who fires a blaster at their leg, and Euna, upon revealing the charm wore off on her earlier, melts Roruko's weapon with a concealed blaster. Roruko says they are with them as they feel Hwan has gone to far. Sebin tells the group about their connection to Hwan and that Min is a fox spirit being blackmailed by a shaman Hwan brought with him. Sebin tells Jee to try and get a message about their uncle being on board to the Space Forces High Command as they, Roruko, and Euna. Search the bridge. Before leaving, Roruko tries and fails to get Uchida to turn on Hwan. The group finds that Uchida and a guard is missing and assume the two are warning Hwan as Sebin, takes out the remaining two guards. They find the bridge empty. The three hear a noise on head back to the office and return just as Jee sets up the message. Sebin starts to type it out when they hear a noise outside the office. The group manages to send it out just as they realizes the mercenaries are trying to break down the door. Sebin notices a vent in the ceiling and the group manages to pry it open and get inside. She enters first followed by Jee, Rokuro and Sebin. Sebin says to make their way to the engine to keep Hwan from jumping after exiting the gate. Along the way they learn that the escape pods are being guarded and when they reach the engine Sebin smells eight mercenaries. Sebin has Roruko join them in taking out the guards as Jee tries to hack the security robots and Euna acts as a sniper. Sebin leaps down and transforms as they are stunned by blaster fire. Rokuro and her follow suit as Jee gets the security robots to fight for them. However the atmosphere in the vent turns off and she pushes Jee out before it seals off. After taking out the mercenaries, she is cut free and lands just as Jee opens the hatch to the engine room. However Hwan speaks over the intercom, saying how Sebin will be branded as a traitor to both the Space Forces and their family. The four head into the engine room and become startled when the door does not close as a blast goes off, realizing to late they fell into a trap. She, Roruko, and Sebin come out okay, but Jee is injured. She and Roruko fend off enemy fire as they check on Jee to find that he is still alive.

After the mercenaries and Hwan are dealt with, she is given prosthetic skin and gives Sebin a card when they wake up. She, Min, and the other cadets say their goodbyes to Sebin as they face a tribunal.


Euna is a sallow faced girl with her long black hair tied in a bun.


  • Marksmanship: Euna is skilled at marksmanship.
  • Drawing Skills: Euna is a talented artist.
  • Vacuum Adaptation: As a celestial, Euna can survive in the vacuum of space without a suit.
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