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A Eurynomos (plural: Eurynomoi) is a flesh eating monster originating in the Underworld. Hades loved them, they usually travel in pairs.


The slightest cut from the claws of a euryomos causes a wasting disease in mortals. And when they die, they rise again as vrykolakas, Greek zombies. If a eurynomos manages to devour the flesh from a corpse until only its bones are left, those bones would reanimate into a skeleton warrior. These skeleton warriors usually serve as guards in Hades' Palace.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tyrant's Tomb

Eurynomos RR

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On their way to Camp Jupiter, Apollo and Meg McCaffrey are attacked by one and are thrown into a nearby park. The euryomos is about to kill them and eat Jason's corpse when they pair are saved by Lavinia.

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The euryomos that Apollo nicknamed "Vulture Diaper" looked like a withered and ghoulish humanoid. Its blue-black hide glistened like the skin of a house fly, its eyes were filmy and milky white orbs, and its bared teeth in its oversize mouth were dripping saliva. Around its torso was a tattered a loincloth of greasy black feathers. Its smell of rancid meat was more putrid than any dumpster.


  • Rick Riordan calls the Eurynomos a disgusting monster and he loves it.[1]
  • Eurynomos is, outside of the riordanverse, either a minor figure whose associated literature is lost to time - minor god of rotting corpses, or possibly an invention by the painter Polygnotos.


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