Why do you fight this hopeless battle? Don't you realize what will happen?

–Face of Horror

Face of Horror was Set's lieutenant during the events of the The Red Pyramid.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Face of Horror is first seen in one of Carter's ba travels. He poses as one of Set's lieutenants, helping him increase his power and build the Red Pyramid . It is shown that he is the host of the god Apophis after Sadie broke the spell that would defeat Set. He reveals his attempt to use Set to give Apophis the power he needed to be set free so that Chaos could destroy the world. He is killed by Carter Kane during the final battle against Set when Carter throws a khopesh into his side.

The Serpent's Shadow

He also appears in The Serpent's Shadow as one of the demon's attacking Thoth when Carter and Walt come to ask about defeating Apophis, and this time has unexplained bat wings. He fights Carter, possessed by Apophis again and shows him visions of what is to come and an offer from Apophis to let Carter and his family live if Carter gives him Ra. He is then destroyed by Thoth who throws a hieroglyphic grenade of the word desiccate that causes him to disintegrate.


Face of Horror is shown as clever and manipulative, as he uses Set and attempts to convince Carter to yield to Apophis. He is deadly and loyal to his master.


He is tall and scarecrow skinny, with rooster claws instead of feet.[1] His face is that of a human's with the skin stripped away. He has beady black eyes, a fanged mouth and leathery bat wings growing out of his back.

Powers and Abilities

Face of Horror has no magical or divine power, but fights in combat and, in The Serpent's Shadow, has the ability to fly.[2]


Apophis: Face of Horror is extremely loyal to his master, trying to free him by using Set's power. Apophis presumably resurrected him after his first death and gave him the ability to fly when he did.


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