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A Fasces wrapped in a bundle of rods.

Fasces are ceremonial axes used during the Roman Empire to represent high social status when traveling, the more fasces a person had, the higher their social status. In the case of the emperors of Triumvirate Holdings, they are the source of their immortality.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tyrant's Tomb

Commodus and Caligula use their own fasces to keep Harpocrates imprisoned at Sutro Tower. They are destroyed by Meg and Reyna to free the silent god. By doing so, the emperors were severely weakened to the point where they soon died in an explosion hours later.

The Tower of Nero

As a result of the three emperors spending millennia together and destroying the fasces of Commodus and Caligula, the fasces of Nero absorbed the power of the other two and is now three times as strong. Is is located in a vault mounted on a pedestal of Stygian Iron and guarded by a Leontocephaline. Luguselwa gets it by offering her immortality and brings it to the throne room. Nero begs them not to destroy it before going over and taking it by force. As he and Apollo fight over it, the axe breaks, releasing a firestorm and Nero disintegrates shortly after.


  • Fascism, a form of far-right wing authoritarian dictatorship, is derived from the name of the axes.
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