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The feather cannot abide the smallest lie. If I gave it to you, and you spoke a single untruth while you carried it, or acted in a way that was not truthful, you would burn to ashes.

Anubis to Sadie Kane, in The Red Pyramid

The Feather of Truth is a feather used in the Hall of Judgment in the Land of the Dead to determine if souls of the deceased are worthy for the afterlife. If your soul weighs more than it does, you are unworthy, and Ammit the Devourer eats your soul. If you lie or act untruthfully while in possession of the Feather it will burn you up. Mortals are not allowed to possess the feather.

The Kane Chronicles

Sadie and Carter Kane required the Feather of Truth to defeat Set. They traveled to the Land of the Dead to ask Anubis for the feather. Despite his reluctance, Anubis breaks the rules and eventually gave over the feather after asking Sadie three questions while holding the feather and under the condition that Sadie would listen to whatever his mother, Nephthys, told her. The feather was necessary to defeat Set, and reveal Apophis as the true enemy. After Sadie used it to reveal Apophis, it disappeared.

Julius Kane/Osiris later used it to see if Setne was telling the truth about being able to help Apophis. While Setne told the truth mostly, exaggerating at times, he did lie about some things. It's not known how he survived the feather's effects when he did that, unless he was telling personal truths, meaning that the Feather can be tricked.

The feather is described as heavier than a normal feather should be. "It weighs exactly as much as a single human soul," Anubis says.


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