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The Fields of Punishment is a location in the Underworld, where mortals are punished for horrible deeds they did in life, using a variety of horrible torturous methods.


The Fields of Punishment are where people who were evil during their lives face eternal punishments for their crimes. Usually the wicked would be condemned to Tartarus in Greek Mythology; but, in this series, they are sentenced here instead. Percy Jackson says he saw people chased by Hellhounds, burned at the stake, forced to run naked in cactus patches, listen to opera music, and other things he didn't want to imagine. It can be described as, "Imagine your worst fear. Now imagine it being ten times worse. Now imagine living that fear forever."

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson views the Fields of Punishment while he is in the Underworld.

Later, when his quest is over, he wonders whether he has the right to send Gabe Ugliano there. He also notes that he saw the spirit of an "annoying" televangelist going to the Fields of Punishment while being surrounded by security ghouls.

The Sea of Monsters

The Fields of Punishment are not seen, but Tantalus is brought to Camp Half-Blood from there. Tantalus was cursed by standing in a pond and a fruit tree hanging over him, but he could never eat or drink as the fruit and water would move out of reach from him when he tried to eat or drink it. The same curse applies to him anywhere else until it was removed by Dionysus before Tantalus disappeared back to the Fields of Punishment, where the punishment resumed in the Underworld.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

While in the Underworld, Hades gave Daedalus a special punishment to build overpasses in the Fields of Asphodel to help ease the congestion of souls. It is a punishment he enjoys and he gets to see Perdix on the weekends.

The Demigod Files

The Sword of Hades

Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, and Nico di Angelo travel to the Fields of Punishment to question Sisyphus who has the punishment of moving a boulder to the top of a hill which would always roll back down the hill, thus the punishment would never be completed. He did have a break where he told them everything he knows and to have him released from this punishment for being here was minor setback.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

After Hazel Levesque used her power over the earth to delay the rebirth of Alcyoneus in 1942, killing herself and her mother, Marie Levesque, in the process. Marie was initially condemned to the Fields of Punishment while Hazel would enter Elysium. However, Hazel persuaded the judges to split the blame for Marie's evil actions between them and both souls were sent to the Fields of Asphodel instead.


Leading up to it is a rocky path where you can see it glowing and smoking. It's a cracked wasteland, has rivers of lava, minefields and barbed wire separating the different torture areas, and screams and 1980s music can also be heard. In addition, there are cactus patches, and any other 'new ideas' Hades wants to try.

Known Residents and Their Punishments

Likely dozens of demigods (mostly children of Hecate) were sent to the Fields of Punishment as they fought on Kronos' side in the Second Titan War. This section lists the residents, their punishments, and the crimes they committed.

Person Punishment Reason
King Tantalus Sits in water below a fruit tree, but the food and water would go out of reach when he tried to get them. Served his own chopped up sons (ex: Pelops) as food to the gods and goddesses and stole some of their nectar and ambrosia.
King Sisyphus Moving a boulder to the top of a hill, which would always roll back down the hill making it last for all time. Murdered any traveling guest to his castle, seduced his niece Tyro, plotted to kill Salmoneus, told Asopus where Zeus took Asopus' daughter Aegina, and cheated death twice by chaining Thanatos.
King Ixion Strapped to a burning wheel that spun across the air. Developed a crush on Hera and confirming Zeus' suspicions of this by mating with a cloud clone called Nephele.
King Salmoneus Unknown. Passing himself off as Zeus.
The 49 Daughters of Danaus (Hypermnestra fell in love with her husband) Filling water from the River Styx in jars through sieves in a cracked jar that leaked the water. Killing their husbands.
Ocnus Weaving a rope of straw which is always eaten by a donkey. Unknown.
Phlegyas Entombed in a rock and starved in front of an eternal feast. Setting fire to Apollo's temple in Delphi.
Unknown. Being chased by hellhounds. Unknown.
Unknown. Being burned at stake. Unknown.
Unknown. Run through cactus patches naked. Unknown
Unknown Listening to opera music for eternity. Unknown
Unknown. Boiling in oil. Unknown.
Unknown. Having their skin flayed. Unknown.
Unknown. Getting chased by hungry demons over a field of broken glass. Unknown.
Unknown. Sliding down a giant razor blade into a pool of lemon juice. Unknown.
Medea Unknown. Killing Glauce and her children.

Bryce Lawrence (presumable)

Unknown. Killing his Centurion, attacking his teammates, and attempted murder.
Daedalus Build overpasses in the Field of Asphodel Killing his nephew Perdix.
Gabe Ugliano Unknown. Abusive husband and stepfather.
Phineas (presumable) Unknown. Unknown.
Michael Varus Unknown. Betraying the gods by siding with Gaea after his death.
Members of Michael Varus cohort Unknown. Betraying the gods by siding with Gaea after their death.
Sciron (presumable) Unknown. Robbing and killing travelers.
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