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Oh, I like this one! Usually no one knows about cloud nymphs.

–Fleecy talking about Percy Jackson, in The Son of Neptune.

Fleecy is a cloud nymph and an employee at Rainbow Organic Foods & Lifestyles, or R.O.F.L. for short.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Iris, her employer

Fleecy is first seen when she scares Frank Zhang after she asks him if he needed anything, causing him to fall backward into a fountain of Neptune. She claps her hands and the fountain disappears. She tells Percy Jackson she is a nebulae alerting him to the fact she is a cloud nymph. Iris tells her to bring Percy and Hazel Levesque around back to get some medicine for Percy and help them send an Iris Message. When Percy tries to message Annabeth Chase, Fleecy can't connect Percy, and she describes the feeling similar to trying to call someone without knowing the number or as if the line was being blocked. She later helps Percy and Hazel send an Iris-message to Reyna who was taking a bath at the time and scared her. Percy later mentions Fleecy when joking with Frank, claiming he survived Fleecy's wheat germ.


She is described as short and muscular, with lace-up boots, cargo shorts, and a bright yellow T-shirt that read R.O.F.L. (Rainbow Organic Foods & Lifestyles). She looks young, but her hair is frizzy white, sticking out on either side of her head like the white of a giant fried egg. Her eyes are really distracting because her irises change color from gray to black to white.


Being a cloud nymph, she has some power over the weather, as shown when she made water from a fountain evaporate and at one point, lightning flickered in her eyes.

Fleecy Message

Fleecy takes care of most of the Iris Messages as Iris is busy running her shop. Fleecy, however, has her own chant for people asking for a message:

O Fleecy, do me a solid. Show (Person you are trying to message)


  • It is said that Fleecy doesn't like monsters because they "use the restroom and never buy anything!"
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