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Floramaria Vidon was the mother of Sal Vidon and the first wife of Gustavo Vidon.


She and her husband were born in Cuba but immigrated to the United States of America and had a son together. Eight years after Sal was born he and and his mother were in a car crash but survived with minor injuries. A year later she died of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Her son would unintentionally bring alternative version of her from other dimensions to his, causer her to fight with her husband and his new wife.

One alternative version was an athlete on the Cuban Olympic track-and-field team with six pack abs and “arms like a Machamp.” Another went crying around their old house looking for Sal’s brother and sister who did not exist in this dimension. Another worked at a post office and another was a catholic deacon. The fifth one destroyed the wedding picture of Gustavo and his real first wife in a fit of rage.

Despite all their differences, the one thing they have in common is a tendency to fly into a fit of rage when learning their husband is married to another woman.

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Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

During her son’s first week at Culeco Academy of the Arts, she comes though a rift that he opened earlier and cooks with Sal when her husband and his second wife come home. She piles everyone’s plates with her cooking and flirts with her husband. When her husband‘s second wife, who she believes is an architect rented a room, says she does not dance, she takes her by the hand and dances with her. When Sal passes out, she vaneshes along with the food she cooked, which didipeared right out of their stomachs.

A few days later when trying a final attempt to save a dying Ignacio Real, Sal and Gabi find a universe where she is hosting a prayer session to cure Iggy. When Sal makes himself known she asks if they are good or bad spirits, they say they are good. When they realize the two Iggys have different diseases, she thinks Sal and the others can cure them. She convinces him to do it and they all concentrate.

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