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The following article/section is from the City of the Plague God continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

The Flower of Immortality is a flower that, when eaten, grants the consumer immortality. It was the main goal of Gilgamesh in his ultimate journey. It is said to resemble a purple rose while it’s duplicates resemble an orchid.

City of the Plague God

Mohammed Aziz unknowingly comes across the flower and sends it back to his family, which they plant in the community garden. After somehow getting some of the flower into his system, Sikander Aziz gains immortality. Sometime after Mo's death, Nergal comes to his family looking for the flower. Sik and Belet Amari go to the community garden where he planted it to get it, however it was paved over and turned into a parking lot. Soon after Sik goes to Kurnugi to find the flower and and finds the original and brings it back to the land of the living.