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Freya and Loki Flyting.

A Flyt​ing is a Norse ritual. The contestants exchange insults to each other in a poetic manner.


Flyting is a ritualistic, poetic exchange of insults. It was practiced between the fifth and sixteenth century. It has been mentioned in numerous Norse myths, as well as appearing in several early English poems.

The word Flyting evolved from the Norse word flyta, which means provocation. This evolved into flītan ​in Old English, and meant quarrel. It would often take place in a feasting hall, where the winner would be rewarded with a mug of beer or mead- which he would share with the loser. It was considered public entertainment in fifth century to sixteenth century Scotland- despite hefty fines.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

Magnus Chase mentions that while leaving Valhalla there was a Flyting lesson on, of course to the Death. The crew ends up in Aegir's House and Kolga (one of the nine water giant daughters' of Aegir) says that Loki disgraced her father’s hall and the Aegir during a Flyting. Later, Magnus realizes that the only way to defeat Loki is by Flyting with him.

After drinking Kvasir's Mead, Magnus faces Loki in the contest. Loki berates Magnus and insults both sides of his family, causing Magnus to shrink. Magnus musters up the courage and compares the members of his crew on the Big Banana to Loki and tells him that he is nothing compared to them. Loki shrinks, and Mallory Keen sucks him inside her walnut.


  • Flyting is also present in Celtic mythology.