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Welcome to the Consensus! The Consensus is a site-wide discussion area meant for topics concerning Camp Half-Blood Wiki. Please feel free to post questions, suggestions, and comments not related to specific articles. Questions related to specific articles should be asked on the talk page for that article.


This forum is dedicated to questions, suggestions and comments related to the running of the wiki and its contents. It is not to be used for general questions about the series, to discuss anything outside the running of the wiki, or for speculative discussions. Any such topics will be subject to deletion.

If you wish to make general questions about the series, feel free to do so at Camp Half-Blood Q/A.

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Stub Category, not Stub Template14:51, April 10, 2012Blackjack22
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Experimental Pages23:50, March 24, 2012Athletiger
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Poseidon cabin: Resolved15:22, March 15, 2012Hyperborean
Policy Proposal: Securing User Pages21:59, March 7, 2012Makaveli.
To Demote or Not to Demote:Closed03:15, January 24, 2012SayuriDarling
The Problems of This Wiki: Resolved04:39, January 22, 2012Maimer1882
Some admins abuse there power20:49, January 21, 2012Athletiger
Hephaestus Cabin04:16, January 14, 2012Maimer1882
Monobook Revamp00:37, December 7, 2011Athletiger
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Can be a Counciler for the Apollo20:50, December 3, 2011Athletiger
New Wiki Cabin: Athena23:00, November 26, 2011Athletiger
Spelling and Grammar04:33, October 20, 2011Athletiger
New Wiki Cabin01:27, October 12, 2011PerseusJackson
Wiki Cabin/Hephaestus-Declined17:41, August 12, 2011Athletiger
Wiki Badges04:12, June 24, 2011Athletiger
Inactive Users With User Rights15:15, May 15, 2011PercyJackson101
New Badge13:48, April 19, 2011Artemisgirl
New Cabins13:27, April 19, 2011Artemisgirl
Split Template14:52, April 5, 2011Supernado
Renaming21:56, April 2, 2011Courtney di Angelo
Wiki Cabin Removal22:29, February 25, 2011Courtney di Angelo
Two New WikiCabins18:40, February 20, 2011Manga Maniac
Cleaing up the Blogs05:25, February 19, 2011Darkcloud1111
New Wikicabin--Poseidon23:25, February 17, 2011Courtney di Angelo
A New Cabin: Athena22:20, February 15, 2011PerseusJackson
Cabin Application23:19, February 8, 2011Thebiguglyalien
The Ultimate Guide Images00:56, January 20, 2011PerseusJackson
Editing user pages04:14, January 18, 2011Courtney di Angelo
RTE16:16, January 17, 2011Supernado
Quests16:39, December 24, 2010The avatar
Remove date pages?18:47, December 6, 2010Darkcloud1111
Video Game Characters?06:57, December 6, 2010Darkcloud1111
Wiki's New Look22:33, December 4, 2010SayuriDarling
Minor Mythology22:26, December 4, 2010SayuriDarling
Character Categories16:17, November 23, 2010Supernado
New Wiki Cabin -- Templates01:28, November 20, 2010Roguebfl
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Wiki Cabin Ideas00:53, October 21, 2010Thebiguglyalien
Cabin Question23:32, October 14, 2010Thebiguglyalien
New Look and New Book15:11, October 13, 2010Supernado
Prophecies14:21, October 13, 2010Thebiguglyalien
Athena Wiki Cabin16:59, October 9, 2010Thebiguglyalien
Off-Site forums00:20, September 10, 2010The avatar
Domain Rename23:19, September 8, 2010The avatar
Character Template21:17, September 8, 2010The avatar
Dionysus Wiki Cabin19:42, September 4, 2010The avatar
Camp Half-Blood Answers19:30, September 4, 2010The avatar
Hades Wiki Cabin18:48, September 4, 2010Mcspark100
Wiki Cabins - Joining Process02:48, September 2, 2010Mcspark100
New Google Rankings01:14, August 30, 2010The avatar
Renaming Site22:09, August 11, 2010Balistic Pve
Old Bureaucrats and Admins17:54, July 29, 2010The avatar
Wiki Cabins14:23, July 23, 2010Balistic Pve
New Policies00:55, July 17, 2010The avatar
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