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Four Sons of Horus are small figurines used by magicians. In order for them to work, they must be placed in the four cardinal points. Each one held a deceased person's organs in the canopic jars.


The Four sons of Horus were actually a group of four gods, children of Horus and Hathor, while some argue that their mothers are Serqet or Isis respectively. They are:

  • Hapi: guards the North and lungs in the form of baboon, protected by Nephthys.
  • Imseti: guards the South and liver in the form of human, protected by Isis.
  • Duamutef: guards the East and stomach in the form of jackal, protected by Neith.
  • Qebehsenuef: guards the West and intestines in the form of hawk, protected by Serqet.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

They are first seen being used by Zia Rashid in making protective circles to protect Carter and Sadie from the goddess Serqet.

The Throne of Fire

They are used by Jaz and Walt when they duck-tape them to the four corners of the window when they were going to 'borrow' the statue of Khnum. They are later used by Sadie Kane when she defended her friends, Liz and Emma from Nekhbet and Babi.

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