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A fox spirit

A Fox Spirit, or Kumiho (구미호) is a creature from Korean Mythology and the colonists of the planet, Jinju.


In the lore, foxes gain tails as a reflection of their power, the maximum number being nine.[1]

Dragon Pearl

The star of the book, Kim Min, is a fox spirit. According to her, they lived disguised as humans and rarely used their abilities. They used to played tricks like changing into beautiful humans to lure lonely travelers close so they could suck out their lives. But Min's mother, Kim Seonmi, insisted that the family behaved as proper, civilized foxes so they wouldn’t get in trouble with the other residents of Jinju. The last prejudice annoyed Min as other supernaturals like Dragons and Dokkaebi, and Shamans could wield their magic openly, and were even praised for it. The foxes never overcame their bad reputation, but nowadays most people think they've gone extinct.[2]

Known Fox Spirits


  • Shapeshifting: Fox spirits have the ability to shapeshift.[3]
  • Charm: Fox spirits have the ability to charm.[4]
  • Tychokinesis: Fox spirits can learn to affect drinks as to cause the drinker bad luck.
  • Mystokinesis: Fox spirits can use powerful magic.


  • Fox Spirits are typically female, but some, such as Kim Jun and Manshik, choose to be male.
  • Similar stories can be found throught East Asia. They are known as Huli jing in China and Kitsune in Japan.


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