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Freak is Carter Kane's pet griffin. His squawk sounds like "FREAK!", and Carter says his personality matches that, earning him his name.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Freak is accidentally released at the museum where Carter and Sadie acquire the first part of the Book of Ra. Initially he attacks them, but as Carter is the former host of Horus who Freak serves, he calms down and helps the group escape. Afterwards, he doesn't leave like expected and Carter decides to keep him as a pet. Freak also fights alongside the trainees in the battle at Brooklyn House. Afterwards, he helps clean up by attaching dusting cloths to his wings and flying around the Great Room.

The Serpent's Shadow

Carter has turned Freak into the Twenty-First Nome's main method of travel as portals are unreliable. Freak transports Carter and his team to Dallas and later carries them back through the Duat. When Carter decides to go visit Thoth, he has Freak carry them to Memphis where Freak takes part in the battle at Thoth's pyramid by eating many demons. He is said to be satisfied later, having become full from all of the demons he ate. While Thoth talks to Carter and Walt Stone, Freak is taken off to be groomed by Thoth's baboons, presumably so he won't eat his ibises. Freak later flies Carter and Walt back to Brooklyn House, but on the way, Walt accidentally destroys the boat and they have to hang from ropes under Freak's belly. When Carter sends Bast and the trainees to the First Nome, he tells Bast to use Freak as transport and uses the Egyptian Queen instead to travel to the Underworld and later with Setne. Carter uses him to pick up Zia Rashid for a date once its all over and has Freak fly them to the Mall of America where Freak is described as sitting on the roof eating a pile of frozen turkeys.

Demigods & Magicians

The Son of Sobek

Carter rides Freak to Long Island to check on a disturbance in the area.


Carter KaneWhile initially taken as a convenient escape after he yielded to Carter, Freak seems to have developed a great attachment to the young magician to the point that he stayed with him after the escape from the Brooklyn Museum. In return, Carter built him a roost on Brooklyn House's roof and is often seen feeding him and visiting him. Freak also seems to be Carter's preferred mode of transportation with Carter trusting him to transport himself and his friends wherever he wants to go. He also trusts Freak enough that he has the trainees use him to travel to the First Nome without him there for Freak to listen to. Freak always comes through for Carter and hasn't yet let him down.



  • Freak likes to eat turkeys, both frozen and cooked and seems to have a taste for demons and other evil creatures as well.
  • Freak has been shown to be able to destroy a bau just by eating it with no ill effects except for smoke coming out from his mouth.
  • Freak transports people through a boat he tows as his wings are too dangerous for people to ride on his back. At first he had the boat tied underneath him in The Throne of Fire, but in The Serpent's Shadow, he pulls the boat like a sleigh.
    • While riding in Freak's boat, Felix likes to yell "Ho, Ho, Ho" at mortals below. As mortals can't actually see the griffin, its unknown what they think when he does this.
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