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Hi there! My name is Gabrielle Reál, and I am your student council president, duly elected at the end of last year to serve all my fellow students. I want you to know that, even though right now I am serving as Yasmany's counsel, this is in now way means I have anything against you. I am your advocate, too, and when you need representation someday, you will see how well I defend you from miscarriages of justice. What's your name?

–to Sal Vidón when first meeting him in Sal & Gabi Break the Universe.

Gabrielle "Gabi" Reál is one of the protagonists of the Sal & Gabi series, along with Sal Vidon. She's student council president and editor of the school paper.


In the forth grade she had a crush on Yasmany Robles and gave him a teddy bear on Valentines Day.

Sal & Gabi series

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

When she learn that Yasmany Robles is in the principal‘s office, she rushes to his defense. She explains that Yasmany was unable to open his lock all year, so he could not have put the chicken in it, but she has eight with that say Sal opened his locker. This turns the principal’s attention back to Sal, who claims the chicken was an illusion. She tries to calm Yasmany down. Principal Torres calls the janitor to get an update on the cleanup, but he says it’s gone. Principal Torres concludes that it was an illusion. She loses her cool and states Sal caused a panic. However she stops when he stamps her palm with out her knowing. After Sal talks Principal Torres into give Yasmany another chance rather then expel him, she agrees to help him with a five page paper on type-one diabetes he is assigned instead. She chases after Sal to apologize to him but he speeds up. She catches up when he trips and he says he doesn’t want to ta to her, much to her shock. He leaves when the bell rings and declares she will find his secrets.


Yasmany Robles, her best friend

For her interpretive theatre workshop performance, she has a lie detector ready to use and picks Sal for the performance. She hooks him up and asks him a series of questions. When she reaches to the chicken, he reveals that he pulled the chicken from another dimension and her machine says he is telling the truth. Everyone thinks it was a collaboration act an applauds. Sal asks to talk to her later, much to her excitement. She also left a note for Yasmany saying she will help him with his homework and paper after visiting her baby brother in the hospital.

That night she finishes her homework in the hospital cafeteria before going up to her family and finding Sal there, much to her surprise. After she tells her mother her is a brujo, her mother’s reaction barely changes. After Sal meeting her family, and learns she is writing an article on him, he says he is jealous of her family and she starts to like him. When he asks about her brother, everyone goes silent and she shows him. She takes him to the intensive care unit to meet her brother Iggy, who was born with a week immune system. She puts a hand in one of the sterile arms and has Sal do the same.

The next day at school she shows Sal her article and he scolds her for defending a bully and cementing his reputation as a brujo. She tries to defend her actions and stops Sal from going in side. In response, he cones the newspaper and summons flowers, when she leans in closer a tarantula lunges at her face. She swats it away before realizing what it is and she starts to scream and cry. Sal tells her it’s fake and Gabi cries some more. They two are surrounded and her friends help her up. She accepts Sal’s apology if he carries her backpack while she fixes herself up in the bathroom. When she gets out of the bathroom, she asks Sal for an interview and he agrees to do one at his house after school. She playfully attacks Yasmany when he said she and Sal were a couple. Later that day she hears Sal has detention and goes with him to the library. She reads his apology letter and is awestruck along with everyone else.

School Paper

The Rotten egg, the school newspaper she helps write

After helping Yasmany with his paper she drags Sal away for an interview. They stop by Yasmany’s locker and she opens it, as she often does this to help him, and panics when she sees the alternate dimension chicken processing plant. Sal explains to her what it is and she is amazed that the lie detector was accurate. Sal pulls a chicken from the rip and tosses it to her. Just then an alternate Principal Torres comes partly through and demands the chicken. They give it back and she sets her phone’s recorder for the interview. On the way to his house she bombards with questions, he says he is not sure how they work himself. She doesn’t accept this until he asks her how she could see the rip. She asked him to open a rip, he does and she stick her head into it and is amazed by what she sees, one of the nearby house is a different color. When they reach the Coral Castle, they see a truck outside and unfamiliar voices inside. They charge inside only to find Sal’s father and other scientists working on a machine. She recognizes on as Bonita, one of her dads. When they eat ice cream she and the others try to convince Sal Bonita is a robot but he does in believe them. She is alerted that Iggy’s condition got worse and goes to the hospital. Sal texts her later, she tells him nothing has changed and to take notes for her because she can’t make it to school the following day. The next day she tells Sal Iggy is fine and has him bring her his notes.

At the hospital she tries to get Sal, who is wearing the mask, to talk; she succeeds and they think of doing an Everyman play. She gets to know his parents when they drop off his things for him to spend the night. As their families talk they get Dulce Sotolongo some coffee and see Iggy. They talk about how unfair it is for Iggy to go through this at his age and, after explaining his father‘s field of research, she thinks he can fix the universe and they set out to try.

She convinces their parents to let them go to Culeco for a science proj and they let them. She unlocks the door with her key card and they get the Entropy-sweeper from the prop room, which takes a liking to her. She and Sal head to the lockers and sees th rip shrinking, however she stops him after taking in four Calamitrons to be on the safe side. They head to the gym and, realizing Yasmany is spending the night at school, texts him angrily. She confronts and scolds Yasmany for not coming to her when he needed help, they both look to Sal for help, but he farts and they laugh. He agrees to go to the hospital with them and he and Gabi go to get his things. Gabi notices the double wall when Sal points it out to her. She tries and fails to give him a wedgie and he lifts her up by her belt loop and carries her out of the multipurpose room. At the hospital she notices Sal watching her mother and Cari-dad talking with police officer and tells him Yasmany’s mother is the problem.

She has Nurse Sotolongo wake Sal up early Saturday morning when he ignores her texts and bring him to the cafeteria to work on their Everyman play. They have their parents help them by bringing supplies. After she gets frustrated with the costume she eagerly switches to the script. When Yasmany comes down to the cafeteria for breakfast at noon he sits with her and they listen to music. After Yasmany leaves, she announces the script is finished. The following day she and Sal put on their play in font of their families and the hospital staff who enjoy the show.

Later that night Iggy‘s immune system shuts down and she can not accept that her brother is dying. When Sal arrives she invites him in and asks her mother to say goodbye to Iggy alone. She begs Sal to switch Iggy with a healthier version of himself but he is against it, saying that if he does that Iggy wi be a strang to her and that the dying baby in her arms is one of a kind. She accepts this. Sal agrees to search the multiverse for a cure and she is fine with this. They search the multiverse and find a universe where everyone is having a prayer session to save Iggy. After learning that the two babies have different diseases, she and the others concentrate to cure the two and they succeed.

The following week the two get an A on their Everyman play. A few days later she notices a cat that she calls Meow-dad using Iggy as a portal to see the other Reál family and goes to the Coral Castle to tell Sal and scan him, which reveals no Calamitrons. They vow to explore the multiverse.


Gabi as aspirational and self-assured leader girl who does the right thing.[2] She is shown to be very thorough in her investigations, as she spoke with students before going to Principal Torres’ office. She is always eager to help others, as she offered to have Yasmany stay at the hospital with her when he has no where to go.

However she has a darker side to her, she is shown to be somewhat narcissistic as she hates losing a debate and is shocked when Sal did not want to talk to her. She does not let things go easily, as she hooked Sal up to a lie detector for a class performance in order to get him to confess to putting a chicken in Yadmany’s locker. She is also impatient, as she came to the Coral Castle close to midnight to show Sal what is happening with Iggy and Meow-dad.


Gabi Real has poofy black hair covered in Shaolin monk barrettes and a 'WELL-BEHAVED WOMEN SELDOM MAKE HISTORY' T-shirt.[3] She also wore jeans and running shoes, and every fingernail on her hands were painted a different color. Her smile made up three-quarters of her lower face. According to Sal Vidon, her skin was the color of the Pinewood Derby race car he made in shop class the previous year, after he brished on two layers of stain.[4]


  • Persuasion: Gabi is known to be very persuasive.
  • Spatio-Chronokinesis: Like Sal, Gabi has some power in the space time continuum.


  • Gabi was on a character from the short fiction of Carlos Hernandez, "a journalist and her beat is the cryptic and the fantastic—unicorns, uploaded brains, that sort of thing."[5]
  • She has arachnophobia.
  • Gabi is a vegetarian.
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