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‘Fix it’! Your papi destroyed my universe by sealing it up. You saw what it did with your own eyes, Sal. Logically, therefore, the solution is to open up the multiverse. Get rid of the membrane. Let all realities flow together into one massive super-reality. […] No more choices, just one universe with infinite possibilities. Reality like it should have been from the beginning. It will be, so beautiful, Sal.

–FixGabi to Sal on her goals in Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe.

Fix Gabi Reál is an alternate version of Gabi Real from a universe that was destroyed.


In her home universe, Sal moved to Miami before going into sixth grade and the two quickly bonded and started to date. She and Sal would explore different realities. However when his papi found out, he created the Remembranation Machine to seal them off from other universes. However it ended up destroying her universe and everyone she knew, including her Sal who sacrificed himself so that she could get away safely. She then switched to traveling to other universes to prevent what happened to her universe, as well as trying to merge everything universe into one.

She was president of the Sisterverse, a group of Gabis who watched over the multiverse, but was impeached for trying to merge the universe into one. She also kidnapped various Gustavos and left them on an island in an earth devastated by global warming.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

She sends Sal Vidón a telepathic message asking what universe she is in, happy that he is not one of the stronger Sals, and says she will meet him at Culeco Academy of the Arts. She runs into Sal at school and explains her story to him. She quickly leaves, saying they will meet again, and say to keep her a secret.

The following day she calls to Sal and has him come to her home universe, and is surprised that his universe has talking toilets. She takes him to a space station to show him the destruction his father, like all versions of Gustavo Vidón, created and will create. She tells him he doesn’t have to worry until the remembranation machine gains sentience, which it has, and he sa two or three days to stop it. She leaves to another universe as an alarm sounds.

Later she approaches Sal as he is walking home from school and, not knowing this universe's Gabi's drone is watching them, she tells him her story before noticing the drone and sending it to another universe. When they reach the Coral Castle, she drags Sal behind the hedges. They find his father’s car in the driveway and sneak in through the garage. After finding no trace of Gustavo in the house, they find the remembramation machine, where the Entropy-sweeper reveals itself and the machine reveals its sentience and sends her to another universe.

She spend the next few days trying and failing to get back into Sal's universe until she just stops one day. However after a day of trying she finds out that Iggy is a portal to Sal's universe. She spends the rest of the week traumatizing that Sal and discovered, to her luck, that his remembramation machine was not sentient and took control of it. Later she emerges from the mouth of Ignacio Real. After taking Sal's smart watch and headset, she taunts him before he tricks her into believing he is talking to the traumatized Sal. When she gets close to Iggy, Meow-dad attacks her. Soon after he has Vorágine signal the others and his parents, Gabi, Principal Torres, the Entropy-sweeper, and the Sisterverse barge in and subdue her while Mr. Milagros stands watch. After explaining everything to Principal Torres, he tells them to let her up as she wanted to get caught. After she says she misses her old life and cries, they all comfort her before they decide to enroll her at Culeco. After the after party she takes Sal and Gabi to where she kept the Gustavos. After apologizing and saying she will bring them home, they agree to try and fix her universe.

About a month later on Halloween, she, Sal, and Gabi are in the universe Iggy is connected to, watching an alternative version of Sal's mother make a sandwich for that universe's Sal and gives it the that universe's Gabi to take to him. They go to his room and prove to the other Sal they are not a threat and, after she apologizes, Sal tells his story just as Floramaria comes in.

A couple of months later during winter break, she and the rest of the Sisterverse, Principal Torres, Aventura, and Yasmany are attending the wedding of Vorágine and the Entropy-sweeper. As Aventura finishes up the toilet's dress, Sal surprises FixGabi with her own Sal, much to the surprise of the others who thought he sacrificed himself to save her.


She resembles the main universe's Gabi in almost every way, except she keeps her hair in a chip clip and wears shirts with rude quotes.


She is brash and to the point.


  • Skittles do not exist in her universe.
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