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Geb is the Egyptian god of the earth. He is the son of Shu and Tefnut and the brother as well as husband of Nut. Geb is also the father of Isis, Nephthys, Osiris, and Set as well as Horus before his rebirth.


Geb and Nut once wished to have children but Ra, the king of the gods and their grandfather, heard a prophecy that one of their children would overthrow him. Fearing this, Ra forbade Nut to give birth on any of the three-hundred and sixty days of the year. Determined, Nut gambled with her uncle Khonsu for moonlight and used it to create five new days, giving birth to one child each day; Osiris, Horus the Elder, Set, Isis, and Nephthys were the results. As punishment for their disobedience, Ra forced Shu to keep the lovers apart for eternity; Nut in the sky and Geb in the earth, eventually leading to their roles as protector of the sky and lord of the earth respectively.


Geb ruled as king of the gods after his father, Shu, abdicated. He himself would eventually pass down the throne to his eldest son, Osiris. After abdicating, Geb was made the judge of divine affairs and lord of the earth.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Geb appears before Sadie's ba in the desert of New Mexico. She delivers Nut's love letter to him. When he opens it, fireworks spring out and form Nut's face. Geb is deeply touched and thanks Sadie. In thanks tells Sadie to go to the place of the crosses (Las Cruces, New Mexico), where she will find what she needs. He also tells Sadie of the importance of sacrifice, informing her that he chose to bear Ra's curse and be separated from Nut so that she may have his children.


Geb is a deliberate and wise god, who loves both his wife and children greatly. After Sadie tells him to destroy Set's pyramid, he doesn't because of his love for all his children, even Set.


Geb is several stories tall and his appearance is composed of whatever earth where he manifests himself. Frequently of dark green or black skin, the color of the living things, the vegetation and the fertile soil.


Being one of the primordial gods, Geb is extremely powerful. Geb is an extremely powerful god, possibly exceeded only by his grandfather Ra and his father Shu. Geb also has the standard powers of a god although his specialty is earth magic.

  • Geokinesis- As the God of Earth, he has divine and absolute control of the earth. He has created the earth's landforms and has the power to easily destroy them on a whim. Geb mentions that he could have destroyed the Red Pyramid and collapsed Set's mountain but wasn't allowed to directly interfere in matters between his children, even Set. Geb is also made out of sand so he can disappear into the earth and transport himself wherever he wants using it, similar to his wife Nut.
    • He knows whatever happens on the earth.
    • He can manifest anywhere in Earth.
    • Ferrokinesis: As the God of Earth, he has absolute control and divine authority over metals, ores and gems, since they're just a part of his body.
  • Chlorokinesis: As the God of Earth, he has absolute control and divine authority over plants and all forms of vegetation.
  • Magmakinesis: As the God of the Earth, he have control over molten rock and lava.


Nut, his wife.

  • Nut: Though they have been separated for five thousand years, Geb's love for his wife is undiminished which is fully returned by Nut. Both long to return to each other but agree that they would not ever change their past decisions. When Sadie gives a letter from Nut to him, Geb is overcome with joy for being able to see the image of his beloved wife after their separation.


  • Because the matters of the gods cannot be solved by the earth, Geb himself may not interfere with them, especially with his own children.
  • In The Throne of Fire, the path of Geb is studied by Alyssa, one of the initiates of the Twenty-First Nome.
  • Nut is unable to have a host because the sky itself is her body. This may apply to Geb as well, since the earth itself is his body.
  • The Egyptians often believed that earthquakes was his laughter.
  • Geb is depicted by the Egyptians as an old king. He also made Horus king after Set's harsh rule.
  • His symbol is the goose.
  • His Greco-Roman equivalent is Gaea/Terra.
  • His Norse equivalent is Jord.
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