Rats are delicious.

–-George's favorite line, in The Sea of Monsters

George is a snake that was caught by Hermes. He is immortal, though he is not a Monster. Demigods and gods can hear him in their heads. He is always seen with his female counterpart Martha. In The Sea of Monsters film, George is voiced by actor Craig Robinson.


George is a snake that is fond of rats, and is sometimes rude. He is a joker, funnier than Martha. He often teases Percy. They live on Hermes' Caduceus. When it is a phone, he is on the antenna and he also becomes a note pad when their customer receives their package to sign their receipt.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Hermes visit Percy near the lake in Camp Half-Blood . He gave Hermes' Multivitamins as a gift for Percy. He often teases Percy just to be on the bright side. After Percy's quest on the Sea of Monsters, when Hermes delivered a letter to Percy, he asks if he had brought him a rat, and as a joke, a guinea pig. (Because Percy once had been turned into a guinea pig in Circe's Island.) 

The Last Olympian

George comes with Hermes to Olympus to deliver a message. George and Martha tell him not to kill Percy, because he bears the Curse of Achilles. He also mentions that he has a laser mode.

He appears with Hermes at the end of the Second Titan War, whispering his condolences, "Luke, poor, Luke". He remains silent when Hermes talked to Percy, which is unusually unlike him.

Heroes of Olympus

The Demigod Diaries

Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes

George and Martha are stolen by Cacus when Hermes accidentally leaves them in the Hermes Express truck. Cacus tried to make the snakes obey him, but George calls out to Percy when he comes to save them with Annabeth. While Cacus tried to make the snakes obey him, George and Martha would try their best to mess him up, such as when they changed into a phone when he tried to turn Annabeth into stone. Despite their best efforts, George began to slightly obey Cacus for a short time, as he said he must obey his coat. When Percy got the caduceus back, George and Martha gladly changed into Laser Mode to defeat Cacus.


George is heavily motivated by his stomach, constantly asking for rats whenever possible. He also feels that Hermes would be useless without his and Martha's help.


When his powers are combined with Martha's and Hermes' caduceus, George has a multitude of abilities.

  • George and Martha can turn into a pen and notepad.
  • They can access Laser Mode, allowing them to fire powerful laser blasts.
  • They can turn into a phone and act as an antenna.
  • They can turn into a credit card scanner.


  • George could possibly be named after America's first president George Washington. This is noted because how the other snake is Martha who was Washington's wife, making them a suitable pair.
  • However, George could also be named after one half of the main couple of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, a Tony-Award winning play about a middle-aged couple playing mind-games with each other.
  • When Cacus shot a fireball over George's head, George commented that fire was bad because he was coldblooded. However, coldblooded animals tend to live in more heated climates, as colder areas could be fatal.
  • George and Martha danced the Macarena at their wedding, despite lacking limbs.
  • George appears in the film adaptation, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as a red coral snake.

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