Georgina is the adoptive daughter of Hemithea and Josephine. She is currently seven years old.


Seven years before the events of The Dark Prophecy, Agamethus brought Georgina to Emmie and Josie, who adopted her. When Commodus took power in Indianapolis, Georgina ran off to find the Oracle of Trophonius, convinced that it was the only way to solve their problems. She was driven mad, but without the Throne of Memory, which had been taken by Commodus at that point, there was no way to heal her mind. She was also captured by Triumvirate forces shortly afterwards.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Georgina is first brought up when Apollo recites the prophecy given to him in the Grove of Dodona, when he is told that the Oracle of Trophonius literally drove Georgina insane.

Georgina was later rescued by Apollo and returned to the Waystation.


Georgina appears to be an average seven year old who enjoys drawing. She is also brave as she went to Trophonius on her own.


She has tufts of brown hair, like they were cut with gardening sheers. She's large for her age, about Leo Valdez's size, but she couldn't have been more than seven years old. She has a babyish face.


Since Georgina was possessed by the Dark Oracle, she got the following abilities:

  • Deeper Voice: Her voice got deeper since she was possessed.
  • Dark Prophecies: She has knowledge of all Dark prophecies.


  • If Apollo is her father, that would make her a demigod. If not then her species could be a clear sighted human or even a legacy.
The Trials of Apollo
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