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Gerd is an ice giantess and wife of the Vanir God Frey.


Gerd was born to the Jotunn’s Gymir and Auroda in Jotunheim.  

Frey fell in love with her when he sat on top of Odin’s throne to look for Odur, the husband of his twin sister Freya. He saw her as she was entering her house and fell in love with her when he saw sunlight reflecting on the giantess. Driven mad by love, he offered his sword, Sumarbrander (Jack), to his assistant Skírnir so that he could find Gerd.  

Skírnir tracked her down and offered Gerd golden Apples of Immortality and the golden ring draupnir, a ring that made eight copies of itself every nine days that are of equal value to the original, to marry Frey, but she refused. He then pulled out sumarbrander in a fit of rage and she accepted, but he must wait nine days to marry her. She married Frey and they made their relationship work.  


Frey, her husband.

Frey and Gerd met and eventually married and had one son together, Fjölnir, who would start the Yngling dynasty of Swedish royals. 

Jack never forgives Frey and he will never wield Jack again because of this. 

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

When Magnus Chase is dreaming after his first Battle Practice, he meets with Loki when the trickster is sitting on Hlidskjalf and talks about the time Frey sat on the throne and saw Gerd for the first time.


Gerd is described as the most beautiful of the jotunn.


Gerd is a very simple woman who does not like to travel or dress up for occasions.


  • Some sources say Skírnir threatened to curse Gerd with Rune Magic and, out of fear for the magic, accepted the marriage proposal.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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