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Germani viria


Germani (singular Germanus), is a Latin name for warrior people who settled down in the Rhine valley. Many of them were friendly to the Romans. Quite a few Roman emperors, including Nero and Commodus used to keep Germani as bodyguards.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Two Germani named Vince and Gary (whose names were really Vincius and Garius, Romanized versions of their unpronounceable Batavi names) arrived at the Grove of Dodona after coming out of the Myrmeke's Lair right before Nero. When Apollo realized that the Germani were from ancient times, Nero said that souls always escaped from Erebos, it was easy for an emperor like him to call back people who worshiped him. That's how he became a god and to prove their loyalty, Vince was told to fall on his spear by Nero but the latter changed his mind at the last second. He says that they are sensitive about insults to the Imperial person, he soon orders them to take Meg McCaffrey home. But Apollo got mad and attacked Vince, hitting him with his spear, and throwing him through the tree canopy. Gary charged but Apollo broke his spear and punched him causing him to collapse, Nero threw him in the Ants' lair.

The Dark Prophecy

At his apartment terrace, Nero sent a Germanus named Vortigen to go with Meg while she searches for Apollo.

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The Burning Maze

Germani were responsible for the mortal death of emperor Caligula. So after being reborn a god, he replaced them with Automatons and then human mercenaries, Strixes and Pandai.


Germani are seven feet tall on average, with a muscular build of three hundred pounds stuffed into horsehide armor. They have blond hair that glinted like silver floss and long beards with glittering jeweled rings. They also wear snake-shaped tattoos on their necks. The men tend to carry an oval shield and a spear, but they looked like they could crack open cannonballs with their bare hands.


Germani are a warlike and barbarian people who enjoy hunting and injuring. They don't speak much but they are great at killing, maiming, and making a hole in crowds. Apollo says that they were always crazy like Nero, but they were loyal to the Julian dynasty.

Known Germani


  • They are most likely a reference to the old Germanic people. Some of them were allies of the Romans, while others were enemies. These people were the ancestors of the German, Dutch, English, Scandinavian and other people. Interestingly, old Germanic mythology is quite similar to Norse mythology.
  • People let them win at Chess.
  • Albatrix seems to be a Gaulish name.
  • Alaric seems to be a Gothic name.
The Trials of Apollo
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