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The following article/section is from the Gifted Clans continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

The Gifted Community are a community of Korean witches of five, formerly six, clans that are each descended of a goddess. Each clan has an elected elder that, along with the other elders, form a council that governs the community. The council is usually headed by the elder of the Samjogo Clan.


Each of the clans are gifted with the ability to practice an ability distinct to their clan and are affiliated to four of the five elements, water, metal, wood, earth, and fire, with the absent element being used to create a Gi Bracelet, a bracelet that allows them to practice magic.

Known Clans

Gom Clan card.jpg

Gom Clan

The Gom Clan (pronounced Gohm) are a clan that specializes in healing magic, they can heal others but not their own person. They are descendants of the Cave Bear Goddess and their clan color is gold. Their motto is "Service and Sacrifice". Clan members often have medical clinics in their home location. After the Battle of the Gi Sanctuary at the temple in Los Angeles and the death of their patron goddess, the clan has lost their healing abilities.

Known Members

Gumiho Clan

Gumiho Clan card.jpg

The Gumiho Clan (pronounced Goo-me-hoh) are a clan that specializes in illusions. They are descendants of the Nine-Tailed Fox Goddess and their clan color is silver. Their motto is "Beauty and Influence".

Known members

Samjogo Clan

Samjojo Clan card.jpg

The Samjogo Clan (pronounced SAHM-johk-oh) are a clan that specializes as seers, those who can see the future. They can also see past events by touching objects and some can see across space and time. They are descendants of the Three-Legged Crow Goddess and their color is purple. Their motto is "Leadership and Wisdom". Clan members tend to be wealthy as they use their seeing abilities to see if a business deal with work out or if an investment will pay off.

Known Members

Tokki Clan

Tokki Clan card.jpg

The Tokki clan (pronounced TOHK-ghee) are a clan that specializes in infusing magic. They are descendants of the Moon Rabbit Goddess and their clan color is jade. Their motto is "Kindness and Heart".

Known Members

Miru Clan

Miru Clan card.jpg

The Miru Clan (pronounced Mee-roo) are a clan that possesses either supernatural strength or supernatural speed, however some have both, and act as protectors for the community. They are descendants of the Water Dragon Goddess and their clan color is blue. Their motto is "Provide and Protect".

Known Members

  • Mr. Hong (current Los Angeles elder)
  • Mr. Noh
  • Mrs. Noh
  • Noah Noh
  • Cherry Blossom Cho
  • King Sejong the Great (deceased)

Horangi Clan

Horangi Clan card.jpg

The Horangi Clan (pronounced HOH-rahng-ee) are a clan that specialized in knowledge. They are descendants of the Mountain Tiger Goddess and their clan color is red. Their motto is "Knowledge and Truth". Thirteen years before the start of the series, their new elder wanted the clan to become as powerful as the goddesses and the went to war with the other clans to gain this power. After the fighting died down and many lives were lost, the clan's patron goddess disowned the clan, stripping them of their magic and forbidding them from practicing magic again. The Gifted Community excommunicated all of them, not just those in Los Angeles, from all temples across the planet.

Known members

Unknown Clan

These members of the community were mentioned, but it was never revealed which clans they were members of.

  • Casper (deceased)
  • Kat
  • Joon
  • All but one member of BTS


  • Graci Kim has stated that the Korean mudang were an inspiration for her witches. A mudang is a "priestess who employs magic to effect cures, to tell fortunes, to soothe spirits of the dead, and to repulse evil. Her male counterpart is called a paksu; both, however, are also known by numerous other names in various parts of Korea."
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