Gila Claw, Arizona is the name of a ghost town in the desert in which Zoë Nightshade, Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Thalia Grace, and Bianca di Angelo passed through during their quest to find Artemis and free her.  

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Arizona map

Arizona, the state in which Gila Claw is located.

After the Erymanthian Boar takes the five to the Junkyard of the Gods, Percy meets Ares and talks to the goddess Aphrodite, where it is foreshadowed that Annabeth and Percy will have a romantic future. The goddess also tells Percy that he will have a 'tragic love life'. Eventually, the group enters the junkyard (located near Gila Claw, Arizona), where Bianca tries to steal a Mythomagic action figure for her younger brother, but by doing so she awakens a defective Talos and in an effort to destroy him enters via a maintenance hole in his left foot. She succeeds in destroying the prototype Talos, but is electrocuted when the automaton crashes into electric lines, causing him to short-circuit and crash into the ground. After failing to find her, Grover tearfully announces that the next stage in the prophecy has been fulfilled: Bianca di Angelo died in the desert, the land without rain. Thanks to Bianca, though, the other quest members now have to deal with eleven skeletal warriors instead of twelve.


The town is described as a "cluster of buildings too small to be a town." It consists of a boarded-up house, an ancient looking taco shop, and white stucco post office. It lies in the shadow created by the garbage heaps of the Junkyard of the Gods.


  • Gila is an actual county in Arizona, but Gila Claw is a fictional town.
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