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The following article/section is from the Sal & Gabi continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Gladis Machado is an acquaintance of Sal Vidón in the Sal & Gabi Duology.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

During her textile class, she and the others in Sal’s group think of him as a brujo, sorcerer. She is surprised that he knows what her ojo turco was.

The following day she is shown to be scared of Sal. He tries to do something nice for her, bringing a scarf her alternate self made to her, however this freaks her out and she ends up in the nurse’s office.

A scarf her alternate self made

The following day Sal goes up to her and she waves at him. After speaking to her he realizes that this is the Gladis who gave him the scarf. She says that her Sal switched the two, she checks in to see how his Gladis is doing, they learn that she is freaking out. She agrees to get the notes for Gabi Real if he can get her scarf back. She is surprised that her friends are not as friendly with her in this universe but she makes the best of it. She also spends lunch with Sal. When Sal goes to talk with Principal Torres the two meet up in the prop room. He scans her for calamatrons but she says that an equal trade leaves zero calamatrons. She says that’s this universe is almost identical to hers but only some of her best friends are not her friends in this universe when the two are walking to the administrative office. She pulls of a flawless American accent and Mr. Zacto gives them the scarf. She says that her Sal is going to make the switch and he directs her to the unisex bathroom to avoid the camera. She gives him an app that lets people text in different universes before leaving. She forgets the scarf and moments later this Universe's Gladis comes out shaken. She calls Sal “nice Sal” and takes the scarf as a gift and waits for her dad to pick her up.

The following week she takes Monday off and on Tuesday she returns to school and avoids Sal like he “was radioactive”. But she was at least not spreading rumors about.


Gladis is a girl with brown hair and eyes and a light brown complexion. She wears an ojo turco necklace.

She has a much thicker Cuban accent in another universe.


Gladis Machado is a superstitious girl who believes that Sal’s unexplainable tricks make him a brujo, a sorcerer who practices black magic.

But in another universe, Gladis has a better sense of humor.[1] She is also shown to be friendly with those she is normally suspicious of.



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