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Gloria Torres is the principal of Culeco Academy of the Arts

Sal & Gabi series

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

She speaks with Sal Vidon and Yasmany Robles in her office. After Sal explains that Yasmany knocked his diabetes bag to the floor, she apologizes and turns to Yasmany and expels him. However, moments later, Gabi Real enters the office. Gabi tells that Yasmany could not have put the chicken in his locker due to being unable to open it all year, after saying she was witnesses saying Sal opened the locker she turns her attention to him. Sal claims it was an illusion, and she calls the janitor to check in on the cleanup, but he says it vanished. She concludes that it was an illusion. Sal convinces her not to expel Yasmany. She agrees and assigns him a five-page paper on type-one diabetes.

After Sal summons a scarf with an ojo turco and sends Gladis Machado to the nurse’s office, she sees Sal in her office again. She gives him two days detention and has him write Gladis an apology letter.

Later that day an alternate version of her comes through the rip in Yasmany’s locker demanding the chicken Sal took as it will be deducted from her pay if it’s lost. She thinks the two are demons and threatens to beat them to Hell. She is amused with Gabi’s poor Spanish and she gets the chicken back.

The following day she drags Yasmany to her office calling this his “last straw”. When Sal strikes to defend Yasmany she kicks him out. After school she sits in the cafeteria and Sal comes up to her, she is shocked at this but he says Daniel Miranda Rivero is asking about Yasmany and that Mr. Zacto is their if she needs him. They talk and play around in masks for a while until Sal asks about Yasmany. She says she can’t tell him but asks him to try to be a friend to him, as Yasnamy needs all the friends he can at the moment.

On Saturday she arrives at the hospital with Cari-dad, a police officer, and a social worker. They, minus Cari-dad, speak with Yadmany and take him to his aunt‘s house. She thinks Sal for being there for him and tells Yasmany he still ows her his diabetes paper.


Principal Torres is a big woman with glasses.


Sal Vidon describes Gloria Torres as a smart woman.


  • In an alternate universe she works at the chicken factory that the school used to be.
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