Goode High School is the high school that Percy's second step-father, Paul Blofis, taught in. Paul managed to secure a place for Percy to attend for ninth grade even though Percy tells him that it would be a bad idea. It is the only school Percy has gone to for more than a year. It is implied that Percy continues to go there until his junior year, when he is kidnapped by Hera.

Known Teachers

Known Students

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Battle of the Labyrinth

At the beginning of the book, Percy is waiting outside with his mom, Sally Jackson, in her car for orientation day when he sees Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She is being greeted on the front steps of Goode High School by his friendly stepfather, Paul. Percy, in shock, turns red and looks awkwardly to the side of the school for another entrance into the school's freshmen orientation, which makes his mom suspicious. She asks if he's okay and Percy tells her that he is and asks if the school has a side entrance. Sally tells him that the side entrance is down the block on the right. She was about to add something when Percy took off to find the side entrance.

Percy Jackson, a student at Goode

Percy then tries to sneak into orientation but is ambushed by two cheerleaders, one of which is named Kelli. After a brief conversation with Paul Blofis, he joins a crowd of kids heading into the gym for the orientation. After the marching band plays a teacher steps up a begins talking, only for Percy then to be confronted but his old 'friend': Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Rachel Elizabeth Dare, a former student at Goode

Then the cheerleaders from before step up on the stage and been speaking, Rachel seems frightened and tells Percy to run and he does just that. They end up in the band room where Rachel begs him to explain what she sees in the world. He vaguely tells her that the Greek myths are real and that he is a half-blood but does not specify what, other than human, he is half of, before they are interrupted by the cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders reveal themselves to be Empousa, then attempt to kill Percy by putting him in a trance that appears to only affect guys, but Rachel pulls him out of it, and he kills one of the monsters who explodes into dust. The "Senior empousa Kelli" then starts throwing band equipment and yelling to try to get Percy in trouble. He finally manages to kill her just as the doors open and Paul and several witnesses see Percy. Percy tells Rachel to escape and he jumps out of a window to go meet Annabeth.

The Sword of Hades

While Percy is taking a test, Mrs. O'Leary is seen through the classroom window.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Goode High School does not appear, but it's still the school Percy attends. The school had its winter break early, as said by Annabeth, which allowed Percy to visit Camp Half-Blood. It is during this time that Hera had taken Percy to Camp Jupiter.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tower of Nero

Goode High School is mentioned by Paul Blofis, who answered Apollo's question on what was AHS. It was mentioned that Percy was expelled because of Hera's kidnapping of him.


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