The Greek gods have a Roman aspect in which their personalities and sometimes attributes change. These personas are still honored in modern times at Camp Jupiter. This camp normally uses their Roman names instead of their Greek ones. In their Roman forms, the Greek gods they tend to be more disciplined, militaristic, warlike and united.

The Olympians

Greek Name Roman Name
Zeus Jupiter or Jove
Hera Juno
Poseidon Neptune
Demeter Ceres
Hades Pluto
Hestia Vesta
Ares Mars
Athena Minerva
Apollo Apollo (Phoebus)
Artemis Diana
Hephaestus Vulcan or Vulcanus
Aphrodite Venus
Hermes Mercury
Dionysus Bacchus

Zeus/Jupiter, the leader of the Olympians.

These are the fourteen Olympians when including Hades/Pluto and Hestia/Vesta.[1]

Minor Gods

Greek Name Roman Name
Hecate Trivia
Tyche Fortuna
Hebe Juventas
Euranos Janus
Hypnos Somnus
Iris Arcus
Morpheus Somnia
Nemesis Invidia, Rhamnousia
Nike Victoria
Aeolus Aeolus
Persephone Proserpine
Thanatos Letus
Eris Discordia
Phobos Timor
Deimos Metus
Khione Chione
Eros Cupid
Asclepius Aesculapius
Amphitrite Salacia
Enyo Bellona
Elpis Spes
Geras Senectus
Phobos Timor
Deimos Formido or Metus
Kratos Potestas
Eileithyia Natio
Thanatos Letus
Phobetor Somnis


Greek Name Roman Name
Boreas Aquilon
Notus Auster
Eurus Vulturnus
Zephyros Favonius


Greek Name Roman Name
Gaea Terra
Ouranos Caelus
Nyx Nox
Erebos Tenebrae


Akhlys Achlys
Pontus Pontus
Aether Aether
Hemera Dies


Greek Name Roman Name
Kronos Saturn
Rhea Ops
Hyperion Sun
Oceanus Ocean
Iapetus Japetus
Krios Crius
Koios Coeus
Tethys Tethys
Mnemosyne Moneta
Themis Justitia
Theia Dione
Phoebe Phoebe

Minor Titans

Greek Name Roman Name
Helios Sol
Selene Luna
Eos Aurora
Clymene Asia
Prometheus Prometheus
Epimetheus Epimetheus
Perses Persaeus
Leto Latona
Asteria Delos
Atlas Atlas


Some monsters and creatures that demigods know about have Roman names as well as Greek ones:

  • The Roman counterpart of satyrs are fauns.
  • The Roman counterpart of anemoi thuellai (storm spirits) are venti.
  • The Roman counterpart of Keto is the Cetus.
  • The Roman counterpart of the Furies are the Erinyes.
  • Roman centaurs and cyclopes are evil.


  • Even though Roman demigods only use the Roman names of gods, Titans, and monsters, when Jason Grace was talking about the assault he led on Mount Orthys, he used the Greek names for Kronos (Saturn) and Krios (Crius), although this may be because he'd been staying with the Greek demigods for so long that he'd gotten used to saying the Greek names for the time.
  • The Roman form of a Greek drachma is an aureus, a gold coin weighing around 8 grams.
  • Many gods only have one form, like Terminus and Janus. Neither of whom have Greek forms.
  • It is unknown if gods can possibly be in their Greek aspect in one place and their Roman form in another place.

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