Greta was an Elf. She was the wife of Alderman and the mother of Hearthstone and Andiron.


At one point, Greta married Alderman and had two sons with him.

Hearth viria

Hearthstone, her son

Her oldest son, Hearthstone was born deaf and her husband saw this as a grave imperfection to his family.

Later on her youngest son Andiron was killed by a Brunnmigi and she and her husband blamed Hearth for the death, saying that he should have died. They forced him to pay a Wergild with chores that paid little gold so that he could offer rewards that cost large amounts of gold.

She eventually heard that Hearth started to practice magic and she became distraught by this. One day on her way home from the gym, when she was distracted by thoughts of this, she was hit by a truck and was killed.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Samirah al-Abbas mentions her and her husband to Magnus Chase when the daughter of Loki was telling the son of Frey what she learned of Hearthstone’s past.

The Hammer of Thor

Her husband mockingly describes her death to their surviving son.

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