The Griffith Park Zoo is the original zoo of Los Angeles, California. It was abandoned decades ago so the new zoo could be built.


Griffith Park is a park on Crystal Springs Drive, south on Interstate 5 towards the city. It contains winding roads, rolling golf courses and thick groves of eucalyptus. The zoo entrance is up a gravel service road hill and near a stand of yuccas, a small sign read OLD LOS ANGELES ZOO. Below the top of the ridge spread the ruins of the zoo. They included overgrown sidewalks, crumbling cement walls, rusty cages and man-made caves filled with debris. A bear pit resembled a grimy cement bowl covered with dried leaves and litter.

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

Crest guides Apollo, Meg McCaffrey and Grover Underwood to the zoo to find the closet entrance to the heart of the Burning Maze where Herophile is being held captive. Grover hated this place as he can still feel the emotions of the animals that were here. When Crest guides them to a bear pit, he finds that the entrance to the maze is gone, he says that Amax must've heard his conversation with Screamer. Remembering how he opened the Door of Orpheus, Grover plays Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ on his Reed Pipes to reveal a steep set of rough-hewn stairs. Crest stayed behind to watch the exit and practice my chords, he was no fighter.

But Crest was eventually kidnapped and killed by Medea. After killing her and rescuing Herophile, the group, joined by Piper McLean and the Meliai, encounter Incitatus and a dozen Pandai. The horse reveals that Caligula was sailing towards Camp Jupiter in the Bay Area. They were going to catch up to him but were all killed by the Meliai.

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