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Stop it! You're as bad as Juniper. I think she wants me to run for president next.

–Grover to Percy, in The Last Olympian.

Grover Underwood is a satyr and a Lord of the Wild, along with Silenus and Maron. He is also a Chosen of Pan, and is carrying the soul of Pan. He is the tritagonist of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and a minor character in The Heroes of Olympus series and The Trials of Apollo series. Grover is the satyr who found the demigods Thalia Grace, Nico and Bianca di Angelo, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Luke Castellan. Grover is currently in a relationship with Juniper the dryad.


Early Life[]

Like many satyrs, Grover aspired to be a Searcher, one who searches for Pan. Grover's father and uncle were Searchers who had tried and failed to look for Pan. Grover aspired to succeed where they, and every other Searcher, had failed. In order to serve in that role, Grover needed to obtain a Searcher's License from the Council of Cloven Elders. Grover aspired to prove himself by accompanying young demigods to Camp Half-Blood.

Finding Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth[]

Grover's adventures began with finding Luke Castellan, Thalia Grace, and Annabeth Chase. He came across the trio traveling together, then tried to get them safely to Camp Half-Blood while at the same time avoiding the forces of the Underworld. Hades, after learning that a child of Zeus had been born, sent monsters after Thalia.

Along the way, Grover took some wrong turns, which led them into danger with other monsters, including a Cyclops that gave Annabeth a fear of the species for a long time. Which then caused Thalia to sacrifice herself for her friends. Grover almost lost his job because of this. While Grover claims it is his fault that they kept making wrong turns, Thalia later tells Percy that Luke was the reason as he kept looking for fights with monsters as he was angry with his father, who he had met at his mother's home.

As they came close to the edge of Camp Half-Blood, Thalia stayed back to fight the monsters following them and told Grover to take Luke and Annabeth back to camp. Grover did as he was told and safely escorted both of them to camp, but at Thalia's cost.

Finding Percy[]

Five years later, Grover was given a second chance to earn his searcher's license by assigning him to Yancy Academy, where he met Percy Jackson. He spent enough time befriending Percy to know that he was a demigod (and a seemingly powerful one at that). Grover eventually called in Chiron who took the form of Percy's Latin teacher.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians[]

The Lightning Thief[]

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Grover befriended Percy when they were both learning together at Yancy Academy. Percy thought Grover had been held back a few years due to his facial hair and acne. On a field trip to a museum, Percy gets in trouble by unknowingly using his godly powers to "push" Nancy Bobofit into a fountain after she threw her lunch at Grover. When their pre-algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds, turns into a Fury and attacks him, Percy uses his instincts to slay her but is very confused about what happened. Upon discussing the incident with Grover, Grover pretends to not know who Mrs. Dodds is, but Percy does know that Grover is bluffing when he hesitates on the subject. Later during the school-year, Percy overhears Grover talking about him with Mr. Brunner. Grover reveals that he is Percy's "protector," which irritates Percy as in Percy's eyes he has been the one protecting him. On the last day of school, Grover and Percy take a bus back to New York City, and Grover makes Percy promise to let Grover walk him home. They see three old ladies knitting socks, which greatly distresses Grover, much to Percy's confusion. However, Percy ditches him while he's in the bathroom. Grover tracks Percy to Montauk beach, where he and his mom are on vacation. He warns them about the Minotaur, and Percy's mom starts driving them to Camp Half-Blood (which Percy had originally thought of as Grover's summer home), but they are attacked by the Minotaur on the way. Grover is knocked unconscious and Percy fights the Minotaur, drags Grover over the magical barrier of Camp Half-Blood, and faints. Grover fears the Council of Cloven Elders won't give him his searcher's license to look for Pan because he failed to bring Percy to Camp safely, and that was his second chance. However, the Council decides that his fate is still tied to Percy's, so he must wait and accompany Percy on whatever quest he will go on.
Grover 7

Grover at the Big House

Percy is very soon assigned a quest to recover Zeus' stolen Master Bolt (The Lightning Thief) Grover and Annabeth go with him. They must travel to the entrance of the Underworld (located in Los Angeles), retrieve the bolt from Hades (who they suspect stole it from Zeus to cause a war), and return it to Zeus by the summer solstice, which is in ten days. Before their departure, Percy is given flying shoes by Luke as a good-luck gift, but Percy gives them to Grover as he is forbidden from air travel. They take a bus west, but the Furies get on as well. After their fight, the bus explodes, along with their cash, drachmas, and supplies. They wander around until they find Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium. Aunty Em, the owner, invites them in and offers to feed them (as they are posing as orphans). Aunty Em is revealed to be Medusa in disguise, and they try to run away from her but cannot leave the garden. Grover uses his shoes to fly in the air and hit her with a branch. He bravely stands up to her but doesn't look in her eyes, as that would turn him to stone. In the end, Percy chops off her head, using a green-gazing ball to look at her so he would not be paralyzed as well. Grover finds out that one of the stone statues in the garden is his Uncle Ferdinand, who went to look for Pan as well. They sack the store, and Percy mails Medusa's head to Olympus. Grover advised against it, as the gods would take it as a rude gesture, but Percy does not heed his advice. Later, when they are sleeping in the woods, Grover meets an escaped poodle named Gladiola, who he can talk to. Grover convinces him to let them return him home, collect the reward money, and get tickets for a train ride West.

Their first stop is in St. Louis, where Annabeth convinces them to stop at St. Louis Arch, which she has always wanted to see due to her love of architecture. They reach the top and stay there enjoying the view. When they decide to go down, there is not enough room in the elevator for Percy, so he stays behind with a lady with a chihuahua. The woman reveals herself to be Echidna and the chihuahua to be the Chimera. Percy can only escape by jumping into the Missouri River, which he does. The trio gets back on the Amtrak train and heads for Denver.

They all are hungry by the time they reach a restaurant, and all their money is gone. Ares walks into the restaurant and pays for their lunch. He also asks them to get his shield back from Waterland, a nearby water park. They find the shield in the Tunnel of Love ride but are attacked by metallic spiders. Grover fills the ride with water to let them escape. While they are riding out, they realize they are about to crash. Percy and Annabeth jump out and Grover catches them before they fall onto the concrete.

They return the shield to Ares, who arranges for them to travel to Las Vegas on an animal smugglers' truck. Grover is furious over the harsh conditions the animals are kept in. After they arrive at Las Vegas, he sets them free with Percy and Annabeth's help and gives them a wild blessing which will protect them. In Las Vegas, they check into the Lotus Hotel and Casino. There Grover plays a game where the animals hunt the rednecks, unaware of the danger they are all in. When Percy realizes that the casino is meant to trap people and that they were in there for five days, he and Annabeth drag Grover out of there. Later, they get a cab to take them to Los Angeles, and they pay him with the Lotus Casino's credit card.

When they get to Los Angeles, they start wandering around, looking for the entrance into the Underworld. They are attacked by a gang of mortals and take refuge inside a mattress store. The man binds Annabeth and Grover to one of the mattresses, but Percy tricks him and manages to bind him to a mattress and slaying him. They find the address of the entrance to the Underworld inside the store. There, they talk Charon, the operator of the ferry into the Underworld, into letting them in even though they are mortal. They get past Cerberus and see the many parts of the Underworld. When they are near Tartarus, Grover's flying shoes start pulling him towards it. He is almost flown into the pit, but he is saved when one of the shoes falls off. They confront Hades and find out that the lightning bolt has appeared in the bag Ares gave them.

In Los Angeles above the Underworld, they meet Ares again, and Percy battles him for the lightning bolt and helm of darkness. Percy wins and gives the helm to the Furies. The police arrange their flight tickets back to New York City after the Mist explains. There, Percy alone takes the lightning bolt to Olympus. Once there, Percy gives the lightning bolt to Zeus and meets his father for the first time. At Camp Half-Blood, Grover is given his searcher's license and sets off on his journey to find Pan, and Percy and Annabeth see him off.

The Sea of Monsters[]

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Grover is still searching for Pan until he gets captured by the Cyclops Polyphemus. Polyphemus thinks that Grover is a female Cyclops (Ever since Odysseus took out his eye, he hasn't been able to see very well), and plans to marry him. Grover buys time for Percy Jackson to rescue him by working on a wedding veil every day, and unraveling it when Polyphemus is asleep, similar to how Penelope tried to get rid of the suitors invading her and Odysseus's palace on Ithaca. Polyphemus eventually finds out and makes Grover finish the veil. The reason no satyr ever returned from the quest to find Pan, the God of the Wild, is because Polyphemus has the Golden Fleece and the satyrs think it is Pan. Then they get trapped and get eaten by Polyphemus. Grover develops an empathy link with Percy, telling him of the danger he is in. Percy travels to Polyphemus' island to rescue Grover and get the Golden Fleece. He almost kills him, but then he realizes Polyphemus is also a son of Poseidon. Percy, Clarisse, Annabeth, Tyson, and Grover defeat Polyphemus and sail away with the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece ends up "working its magic too well", and turns Thalia's tree back into Zeus' daughter, Thalia.

The Titan's Curse[]

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Grover is undercover yet again and manages to find two possible Half-Bloods: Bianca and Nico di Angelo. He calls for Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth's help. A battle with a manticore ensues that ends with Annabeth getting captured. Percy is desperate to rescue Annabeth, and Artemis, the goddess of the Hunt and the Moon, promises to look for her. However, Artemis is captured by an unknown adversary, and Zoë Nightshade, the lieutenant of the Hunters of Artemis, is determined to rescue her goddess. She is visited by the Oracle and gets a prophecy about her future quest. Grover then accompanies Bianca di Angelo, Thalia, and Zoë on a quest to save Annabeth and Artemis, who had been captured and forced to hold up the sky to free the evil Titan, Atlas. Percy follows them and saves them by warning them of the General. Zoë grudgingly allows him to join the quest, and they journey to New Mexico, where Bianca sacrifices herself. They are all depressed about the loss of Bianca, and while Grover is drinking some coffee, they are visited by the spirit of Pan, and Grover falls unconscious from the strength of the presence. He later then states that after the quest, he will go back to New Mexico and drink lots of coffee to find Pan. They journey farther and find Annabeth, Artemis, and the General. A battle occurs, and Grover fights for his comrades, though Zoë is killed. The Grover, Percy, Thalia, Artemis, Annabeth, and Annabeth's father, Frederick Chase, leave the battlefield, and Artemis and Frederick leave them. Grover, Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth go to Olympus, and the gods vote on whether or not to kill Percy to avoid the horrible prophecy made about him. Grover is relieved when Percy is allowed to live, and Thalia then joins the Hunters. A party is started, and Grover runs around drinking coffee, and hears a voice that says "I await you."

The Battle of the Labyrinth[]

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A trial is held on whether Grover may continue his search or not. His girlfriend Juniper (a tree nymph, or dryad) is introduced, and she is worried over the results of the trial. The other satyrs hold Grover in distaste and don't think that Pan spoke to him. Grover is miserable that his search has shown no results, and the Council gives him one week. Grover then goes with Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson to the Labyrinth, hoping he will find Pan there (plus he has no choice because Annabeth said that if he doesn't come, then he would need to learn how to tap dance). They wander around until they meet Janus, and Hera saves them and gives them a meal. During this adventure, he meets the Lord of the Wild, Pan, who was dying. During the short time they spent with Pan, Grover was asked to release Pan so that his spirit could move on by telling everyone he is dead and to not continue the search. Pan individually described all of them, except for Nico, leading him to decide not to stay at Camp Half-Blood. Pan faded and his spirit entered all of them, with a little more in Grover. They return to Camp Half-Blood and defend it against the monsters that are attacking it from inside its borders. Grover opens his mouth and lets out a strange, horrible cry that causes the other army to flee, the very thing that the god Pan was well known for in the First Titan War. When Grover goes before the Council and tells them of Pan's death, the satyrs brand him a traitor and demand his exile, but Chiron and Dionysus believe and support him. Because Dionysus' vote counts for two, the Council is unable to reach a decision and must be dissolved, allowing Grover to remain. Grover then decides to spread the word of Pan's death and to rally the nature spirits together to grant Pan's dying wish, to recreate the wild in their corner of the world.

The Last Olympian[]

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While trying to gain support from the nature spirits in Central Park, Grover crosses paths with the god of dreams, Morpheus. When Grover questions what he is doing here, Morpheus explains he is just examining the battlefield before putting Grover into a deep sleep for two months. Despite no one knowing where Grover is, the Council of Cloven Elders refuses to look for him as they consider him a deserter and liar for saying that Pan has died. Even after Jupiter pleads with Leneus to find him, the satyr refuses until Percy becomes angry with him and yells at him to do something.

When Percy and Nico go to Central Park to gain entrance into the Underworld, Percy faintly feels his Empathy Link with Grover. They wake up Grover as he falls from a tree and he opens a path to the Underworld using his reed pipes. Later in the Battle of Manhattan, Leneus and several other satyrs play a magical tune on their reed pipes, casting a spell on Hyperion. While Percy fought the Titan, this spell caused roots to grow from the ground that eventually encased Hyperion inside of a tree. After the end of the battle, he is elected onto the Council of Cloven Elders by Dionysus, after Leneus is stabbed and killed during the battle. He also is given the position of Lord of the Wild, becoming Pan's heir. Percy also stated that he was Pan's chosen one. He becomes recognized by all the nature spirits. He was also proclaimed a Lord of the Wild by Dionysus.

The Heroes of Olympus[]

The Lost Hero[]

Grover doesn't appear but is mentioned by Annabeth to be looking for Percy Jackson.

The Son of Neptune[]

When Percy is in the mess hall trying to eat, Don the Faun found his way inside and started to sniff Percy, saying that he has an empathy link with a faun, but it is being suppressed somehow. However, the empathy link he could smell was actually with Grover, satyrs being the Greek form of fauns.

Later when Percy was dreaming, he sees Grover but doesn't remember him as Hera had taken his memory. When Grover tries to talk to him, Percy says he doesn't have any spare change (as the fauns at Camp Jupiter are constantly asking for change), but Grover doesn't know what Percy is talking about. He also tells Percy to stay put.

The Mark of Athena[]

While not physically present, Grover is mentioned several times throughout the novel. He is first mentioned when Percy thinks about his fear of suffocation and wonders if it is connected to his fatal flaw. He mentions that he doesn't want anyone to get hurt on his account and recalls how Grover tried to protect him while taking him to Camp Half-Blood almost getting killed by the Minotaur. Later, while on her quest for the Athena Parthenos, Annabeth sprains her ankle and lands in an unknown area. She remembers a course that Grover had taught her at Camp Half-Blood. Although she dismissed it as silly, Annabeth changes her mind when she uses it to set her ankle with bubble wrap and continues on her way.

The House of Hades[]

Grover is seen with Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, and Octavian in Jason Grace's dream. Rachel went to Reyna to deliver a message sent by Annabeth, who was in Tartarus. Grover was there to protect Rachel (the Romans and Greeks weren't exactly at peace at the time). Grover also told the Romans that the nature spirits can feel Gaea stirring, believing that she is on the edge of consciousness.

The Blood of Olympus[]

Grover is seen with Camp Half-Blood during the Roman invasion leading the Nymphs and Satyrs into battle. He survives the battle and after consulting with the other nature spirits, announces that they can no longer sense Gaea after her scattering and believe that the Earth has returned to normal.

The Chalice of the Gods[]

After Percy and Annabeth's first day of school, he goes to Percy’s apartment. He brings basket of strawberries with him and Percy tells him about his college admission requirements. Grover agrees to help after mentioning that Percy has just had his last summer at camp and the five eat dinner.

The following day, he and Annabeth wait for Percy at Himbo Juice. The Son of Poseidon arrives with Ganymede, the cupbearer of the gods, in tow. The three hear the god out and Ganymede says he needs them to locate his stolen chalice. The god starts to cry and, after consoling him and promising not to tell anyone it is missing, Ganymede says he needs the chalice back before Zeus declares a feast, which he does at random times. Ganymede suggests they question Iris and Hebe, who hang around Manhattan. After agreeing to the quest, Ganymede vanishes and Grover thinks he knows where to start.

They make their way into Time Square and Grover guides them to a storefront with blacked out windows called Hebe Jeebies. When they get inside, Annabeth and Percy are amazed at the sight of the various arcade games, candy selections, and activities. They walk past an animatronic and find an employee that resembled a nine year old girl and she says Hebe is by the Karaoke Bar. They find some middle aged patrons singing songs from the Vietnam War era and, after finding the Goddess of Youth, Hebe requests spot her join her for pizza. As they eat, Hebe brings up Percy's refusal of godhood and he says he wishes to grow old as it is a part of life. The group notices the patrons singing karaoke are getting younger and Hebe reveals she shaves off a few years so that those who visit her establishment can have a slight extension on their lives. The three then ask Hebe if she has any information on missing divine objects. The goddess deduces that stretch are referring to Ganymede and and that he list his chalice. However, Hebe becomes enraged when she thinks they are causing her of stealing it. The goddess states she does not miss her old position and vanishes in an explosion of glitter. The three are knocked out and when they wake up, they are eight years old. Panicking, they decide to leave Hebe Jeebies in an attempt to become teenagers again. However they still remain children and go back inside to look for Hebe. They find the nine year old who pointed them to Hebe and she pulls out a bullhorn to state they have an age based complaint and to unleash the beasts. The chickens from the coop run towards them and, after Riptide fails to take sword form, the three run. The three run to an indoor playground and Annabeth has Percy and Grover drag a table over to block the entrance. Once they are inside, the Daughter of Athena comes up with a plan. She has Grover go on ahead to distract the chickens while Percy and her go to the ball. Grover meets back up with them at the Karaoke Bar, after the demigods took a chick from the coop, and they barricade the door. Annabeth explains that the Karaoke Bar is Hebe's temple and that people would go to her temple on her sacred day to ask for forgiveness. She suggests they sing an apology song, but Percy and Grover have their doubts. They go over to the karaoke machine and Percy suggests “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon. The demigods sing terribly as Grover struggles to barricade the door. Soon Hebe arrives and demands they stop. Annabeth begs for forgiveness as the boys follow her lead. As Hebe threatens to turn them into infants, the goddess starts to de-age into one herself. He and Percy realize that Annabeth brought the chick as Hebe cannot physically be the youngest in a room. Annabeth promises to get rid of the chick if Hebe reverts the three to their true ages and give them information on the chalice. The goddess agrees and takes the form of a teenager once the chick is out of range. Hebe turns the three back into teenagers and agrees to tell them about the chalice. Hebe states that she does not have it and suggests Iris, who hosts a farmers market outside the Lincoln Center on Saturdays, might have it. Hebe promises to keep Ganymede's secret as she wants to see Zeus's reaction when he finds out. As the three leave, she warns them to be carful as Iris is not as forgiving as her. They exit Hebe Jeebies and go their separate ways, with Grover taking the Long Island Rail Road back to Camp Half-Blood.

On Saturday, Grover, Annabeth and Percy wait outside the farmers market for Blanche, a daughter of Iris who once absorbed the colors of the campers during a campfire and took pictures as they panicked. Grover is exited as he wants her to take his picture as a present for his girlfriend. Blanche arrives and walks the three over to her mothers stall. As they walk, he poses in the hopes that Blanche will take his picture but she ignores him. Iris happily greets her daughter. He and the others become concerned when Blanche says they will accuse Iris of theft. The Daughter of Iris leaves, promising to take Grover's picture later, and the three speak with the Rainbow Goddess. They explain why they are there and Iris reveals she did not steal the chalice and feels pity for Ganymede. She also reveals that Ganymede will need the chalice for the Epulum Minerva, a festival dedicated to Rhea, in two weeks. Iris agrees to help them look for the chalice if they take her staff to the River Elisson for cleaning. Iris advises them to watch out for the horned serpents and advises them not to kill the monsters. The goddess ushers them away as she starts to get customers. While the demigods never heard of the River Elisson, Grover reveals that it was a river that could clean anything but the god overseeing the river was disgusted by the filth polluting his river and hit it. Grover believers a water spirit might now where it is and Percy reluctantly agrees to ask his guidance counselor on Monday.

On Tuesday, Percy takes him and Annabeth to Yonkers to clean Iris's staff and the Son of Poseidon leads them to the tunnel he found the previous day. They trudge through the tunnel and, after having fun with luminescent lichen, they reach a vast field of tall grass and barren trees that house the river. Every inch of the river is filled with snakes but Annabeth sees an abandoned crevice with no serpents. Grover volunteers to keep watch as the demigods make their way to the crevice and says he will play his panpipes if snakes head towards them. The demigods hear him play just as they reach the crevice. Anna Beth saves him and, shortly after reaching the exit, Percy teleports to them,surprising the two before Annabeth realizes it is a messenger’s staff. The three then head home.

A few days later at a swim meet at Alternative High School, Grover comes to watch Percy and shows the Son of Poseidon the pictures Blanche took of him for Juniper's bloom day party. Grover reveals that Juniper was not happy with the photos and Grover reveals he mentioned Blanche a dozen times. Percy advises him to apologize and ask Juniper what she wants. Grover then reveals that he is nervous about Percy and Annabeth leaving him and Percy promises they will visit. Grover then reveals he has been talking with nymphs to narrow down the location of the chalice and says nature spirits have been seen leaving Washington Square Park, but he cannot find any nature spirit with a name that sounds like Gary. They agree to look into it Monday morning before school as the couch then calls Percy for the high dive.

Early Monday morning, the demigods meet up with Grover, who brought donuts with him, and they get to work after breakfast. Only half a dozen mortals are at the park. After plugging their noses, Annabeth unleashes three drops of nectar and they each go into a different direction. Percy follows one to the playground, Annabeth follows one to the chess tables, and Grover follows one to the trees. As they search, Grover stares at a tree and Annabeth watches a chess game, both trapped in a trance by Geras, the god of old age who stole the chalice. Geras takes her and Grover outside of the trance and they run over to him and Percy where they explain that he will get the chalice if he pins one of the gods knees to the ground, but Percy will be turned to dust if he loses. Annabeth pulls Percy aside and asks if he is sure. Percy considers walking away for a moment but decides against it. They walk back and, after Geras rejects Grover offer to trade the chalice for donuts, the god jumps on Percy. He and Annabeth watch on in horror as Geras tosses Percy around the playground and Grover holds her back when she tries to intervene. The two are surprised when Percy hugs the god. Geras and him are stunned, but Annabeth is pleased with Percy’s action. Geras, who can not remember the last time he was hugged, is thankful that the Son of Poseidon has chosen to embrace old age and returns the chalice before disappearing. Not long after, a hula hoop, the hoop being a symbol of Ganymede, falls from the sky to tell them Ganymede needs the chalice immediately as Zeus is hosting a brunch for his mother.

As they brainstorm, Grover convinces Annabeth to lend Percy her hat as she heads off to school and he and Percy take a cab. As they head to the Empire State Building, Grover tells Percy the hat will not work on the Olympians and will not fool the Elevator Security Guard. He also tells the Son of Poseidon to head to the kitchens and meet up with a cloud nymph named Naomi as she could help him sneak in. When they reach the Empire State Building, they exit and Percy puts on the hat. Grover distracts the guards and Percy snatches the key card to reach Olympus. He is kicked out with a warning and waits outside for Percy. Percy fills him in on what happened and Grover hugs Percy. He tells the Son of Poseidon that he feared Percy would not survive the wrestling match and Percy says he thought of the two of them and Annabeth in their golden years. Grover offers to return Annabeth's hat as Percy goes to school.

Wrath of the Triple Goddess[]

Annabeth and Grover help Percy house sit for Hecate.

The Trials of Apollo[]

The Hidden Oracle[]

Nico reveals that Grover, along with the other Council of Cloven, is currently in California, dealing with the drought (much to the chagrin of Apollo). Later on, Will Solace mentions that he misses Grover, as the latter is excellent at organizing events, such as the upcoming Three-Legged Death Race. He is also very missed by his girlfriend Juniper.

The Dark Prophecy[]

As Apollo and Meg McCaffrey are about to leave the Waystation, the daughter of Demeter searches for the right cloven guide to help them through the Labyrinth. She summons a powerful satyr, Grover, to help them. He was apparently at Palm Springs, California and ate something he wasn't supposed to, he's not very happy about being summoned in a tomato patch in Indianapolis.

The Burning Maze[]

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For two days since the quest of The Dark Prophecy started, Grover, Apollo, and Meg had been wandering the Labyrinth trying to get back to Palm Springs. Grover is concerned and wished that Percy were with them. They stop just as a wave of fire passed by and they head to where it came from since Grover says they're close. They heard a sound and attempted to run away. Creatures were chasing them. They reached a room that Grover said shouldn't be there, so he and Meg sealed the door with a tomato plant using Grover's nature magic and Meg's Demeter powers. One of the creatures that have been chasing them, a Strix, makes its way into the room with six or seven more outside. He is told by the Strix that they were told to kill them by an emperor. He and Meg strength their barrier before fleeing with a paralyzed Apollo taped to his back and they go up. When they are halfway up the Strix breakthrough, he uses panic to scare them away. They make it to the top only to be trapped by a dome. He and Meg realize that arbutus is similar to strawberries and they use strawberry seeds to block the Strix and break open the dome blocking them in. He says they have made it.

They emerge in Palm Springs, California. He keeps Meg from going back into the Labyrinth. Grover watches over Apollo and Meg as they sleep. When Apollo awakens he told Grover about nature spirits dying in natural disasters that do not feel natural. After Meg wakes up he takes the two to see his friends. After introducing his friends to his traveling companions, the nature spirits inform him that they are the only scouting party to return. After the daughter of Demeter faints, he and Apollo carry her to a nearby well and meet up with Mellie and her infant son. She tells them that her husband has not returned from getting supplies. She asks them to go and find him.

He and Apollo walk along a desert road in search of the military surplus store. He tells Apollo that the section of the labyrinth beneath Southern California is ‘infected’ by the third emperor. He also says that he misses Pan and that despite his best efforts, he can not save the wild. He feels this is because most humans and demigods, and some gods, do not care for the wild. He also says because of the drought he lost a lot of friends. They find Coach Hedge’s car parked outside Macro’s Military Madness and go inside. They go in and find Hedge in the firearms section. As they are about to leave, the managers approach them and ask if they are with Apollo, and tells his employees to kill the satyrs and take the mortal god alive. He gets separated from Apollo and Hedge after the older satyr starts a fire is the isle but saves them by crushing Macro and his automation with a canoe. They head for the back room and barricade the doors he tells Hedge to open the exit and Apollo to activate the automatons with Plan Twenty-Three. The manager breaks through and the automatons surround him and his employees, but start to self-destruct. He helped Hedge with the door and they make it out just before the explosion.

He and the others land in a dumpster and hear a follower of the emperor. He leaves and the three head for Coach’s car and drives back to base camp. They let others know what they found. He is disturbed by the identity of the third emperor and wonders what to do next. After learning that Jason Grace and Piper McLean might know the location of the Oracle of Erythaea, he agrees to go with them in the morning.

Coach Hedge lends them his car and he, Apollo, and Meg drive to Malibu to meet up with Jason and Piper. They arrive at Piper’s house to see movers emptying her house. They find her inside and talk with her. Piper explains how Triumvirate Holdings ruined her father and she agrees to join them. They take Piper’s neighbor’s car and drive to downtown Los Angeles. They find the entrance to the labyrinth and ready to fight when Piper shoots the guard with a poison dart. After taking care of the guard, the four head into a service elevator. Minutes later they run into Agave and Money Maker, two of Grover’s scouts. He and Meg do what they can until the satyr decides to take them above ground to heal them.

After the others resurface he quickly heals them before they pass out. He takes them Back to Aeithales for proper healing. He and Apollo call a meeting soon after. They agree to ask Jason what the oracle told him and to steal Caligula’s shoes. He stays behind while Meg, Piper, and Apollo go to Jason in Pasadena.

When the others return they tell them of the death of Jason Grace. He wonders how they are going to tell Thalia. He agrees to join Apollo and Meg in finding the oracle.

He drives and Crest leads them to the abandoned Los Angeles zoo, much to his discomfort. They find the entrance locked in a bear pit and he opens it. He, along with Apollo and Meg, go inside while Crest keeps watching. They go in and see word puzzles appear after Apollo puts on the sandals. They follow the path with the correct number of glowing tiles that match the answer. They eventually come to a puzzle that refers to both a plant and Apollo’s long-dead boyfriend. The fallen god gets it wrong and they fall when the floor vanishes beneath them revealing the fire of Helios. He grabs Apollo and Meg before they reach the flames and drops the fallen god on his command. After Helios leaves the three move on. They reach Herophile in her holding room and get to her by continuing the prophecy. When they get more information Medea arrives. After Apollo is subdued he and Meg perform a song of nature but are imprisoned in a vortex. He and Meg are freed after Piper kills Medea. The room starts to collapse and they get out of the labyrinth. They are surrounded by Incitatus and a dozen Pandai, however, the Meliai quickly kill them all.

They head back to Aeitheles and, later that night, he returns to Camp Half-Blood and bids farewell and luck to Meg and Apollo.

The Tower of Nero[]

After Percy and Annabeth celebrate graduating high school, he goes with them to the west coast.

The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure[]

Nico di Angelo and Will Solace contact Grover before their quest to Tartarus.


Grover is described as a tall satyr with curly brown hair, brown eyes, small horns, a wispy beard, and hairy brown goat legs. Due to Grover being the satyr equivalent of a teenage boy, Grover goes through a puberty-like process of physical development throughout the books which is notably shown through the growth of his horns, which grow like a goat's do. By the time of The Last Olympian, his horns have grown long enough where he has to wear baggy hats to pass as human.


Grover, you're the bravest satyr I ever knew.

Luke Castellan, to Grover in The Last Olympian.

Grover is usually cheerful and upbeat, yet he chews on furniture when he is nervous. He cries when he is upset, which makes him an easy target for bullies. He can often be philosophical. He sometimes mopes around a bit though. He has an obsession with coffee (due to feeling the presence of Pan in New Mexico while drinking it), tin cans, and enchiladas. He believes that cheese enchiladas are better than chicken ones. This may be due to the fact he is a vegetarian. He is also an environmentalist. His girlfriend is Juniper, a wood nymph. They deeply care for one another. It is also revealed in The Last Olympian that he has leporiphobia, (which Percy calls his "bunny phobia"), while it was also revealed that he also hated zoos in The Burning Maze. He and Tyson don't seem to get on very well but he is helped to look for Pan by Tyson in The Battle of the Labyrinth. It is mentioned in The Lightning Thief that two of the only songs he knows how to play on his reed pipes are "So Yesterday" by Hilary Duff and Mozart's Concerto No. 12. At the beginning of the series, his reed pipe music is so bad it makes the strawberry plants try to strangle people, but by the end of the series, he can play multiple tunes (which came in handy multiple times). It is said in The Demigod Files that his favorite song to play is Muskrat Love.

Irrational Fears[]

Grover is afraid of many things. He is most terrified of:

  • Underground places (which smell of death and monsters)
  • Cyclopes (which is why he initially did not get along well with Tyson.)

It was also mentioned that he has leporiphobia (fear of rabbits) and describes them as "big bullies who always steal celery from defenseless satyrs." He is also terrified of Dionysus, Juniper's anger, and ghosts. He cries when he is upset, but it seems that he has grown out of this.

Abilities and Tools[]

Being a satyr, Grover has many natural abilities that most other satyrs possess. Due to receiving power from Pan as he faded, Grover also possesses at least one ability that is unique to himself due to Grover inheriting it from the god. He also admits in The Last Olympian that his other natural abilities seemed to have increased greatly. In The Burning Maze, Apollo notes that Grover is supposed to possess great power, although Apollo hadn't seen it for himself yet.

  • Goat Legs: He is able to run very fast and climb up mountain edges with ease. However, he is a slow walker when in disguised as a human, probably due to the inadequate fitting of human shoes.
  • Enhanced Smell: Grover has a very strong sense of smell. He is able to tell when monsters, gods, demigods, or other creatures are nearby. This ability does not work underground, as everything smells the same to him there.
    • Labyrinth Navigation: Grover's sense of smell allows him to navigate the Labyrinth to a degree, though not as well as a clear-sighted mortal. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Grover finds a path leading to Pan, although he and Tyson wander for days chased by the Titan Army before finally finding Pan. In The Burning Maze, Grover is able to act as a guide for Apollo and Meg through the Labyrinth although it proves to be slow going.
  • Woodland Magic: Grover is very skilled in woodland magic, being able to use it in many ways. This is mostly directed by using his reed pipes.
    • Plant Control: With his magic, he can control plants in a multitude of ways, making them contort and wrap around his enemies. in The Last Olympian, Grover was even able to make grass grow on the floor of the Olympians' Throne Room.
    • Animal Control: He can control animals to a certain extent.
    • Healing: He can use it for healing purposes.
  • Zoolingualism: He can talk to animals.
  • Empathy Link: He is able to make an Empathy Link with others. This is a very difficult and dangerous spell to cast, as it binds the user with the target. He currently has a link with Percy Jackson.
    • Dream Communication: With this, the two beings linked together can talk to each other in dreams, as seen in The Sea of Monsters and The Son of Neptune.
    • Mutual Emotional Insight: They can feel each other's emotions. They can also tell when they are close by. Hence, Percy was able to summon Grover to his side in The Titan's Curse, to help him fight Dr. Thorn.
    • If one dies, the other might die as well. However, they may just go into a vegetative state.
  • Wilderness survival: As a satyr, Grover is quite adept for surviving out in the wild, and in The Mark of Athena, Annabeth Chase remembers a "silly" wilderness survival course that Grover once taught her at camp, which no longer seems so silly and even helps her to reach the Athena Parthenos.
  • Panic Cry: As seen in The Battle of the Labyrinth, Grover can use Panic to instill fear into enemies, a gift from Pan himself. It creates a horrible fear in you that urges you to flee. In The Burning Maze, Grover uses it to scare off strixes. However, using it leaves Grover shaken and he admits that it wasn't an intentional use of the ability which Grover hasn't used in a long time. Apollo is surprised as he had only ever seen Pan using Panic before.
  • Emotional Insight: Grover is very good at reading other people's emotions.
  • Satyr's Sanctuary: This is a spell that will protect animals until they find a safe place to live, which he uses on several escaped animals in The Lightning Thief.
  • Decelerated Aging: As a satyr, Grover ages at half the rate of a mortal.

  • Reed Pipes: This is Grover's most used tool. With this, he can channel most of his woodland magic. He can also use his reed pipes to bring things to life, like electrical lines he used to fight Talos.
  • Tin Cans: Grover's primary physical weapon. Grover uses his tin cans to throw at opponents. Grover likes to eat his tin cans as a snack.
  • Acorns: When using woodland magic, Grover can use acorns and nuts to sense danger, having the acorns display the people nearby, as well as possible enemies.
  • Winged Shoes (formerly): In The Lightning Thief, Luke gifts Percy his winged shoes, but Percy instead gives them to Grover (fearing Zeus would smite him). Grover uses the shoes to ambush Medusa and save Percy and Annabeth from a long fall in Waterland. In the Underworld, however, the winged shoes began dragging Grover towards Tartarus and he couldn't get them to stop, but he managed to escape. Luke reveals that he cursed the shoes to drag Percy and the Master Bolt straight to Kronos, but didn't expect him to hand the shoes to Grover.

  • Relationships[]

    Love Interests[]



    Juniper, his girlfriend.

    Juniper is a wood nymph and Grover's girlfriend. It's never established how they met and when exactly they started dating, but the the satyr and dryad seem to have a deep, caring relationship. In The Demigod Files, during his interview, he comments on the dryads up in Lake Placid, New York before remembering Juniper; which is when he asks the interviewer if they could edit that part out for fear that Juniper would kill him. Also, when Grover comes back to the Camp in The Last Olympian, Juniper tackles/hugs him. Grover is also known to have had a crush on a blueberry bush and Artemis, but he loves Juniper more than them.

    In The Chalice of the Gods, Grover wanted to give something to Juniper for her Bloom Day, so he asks Annabeth for help, who in turn makes a deal with Blanche, a daughter of Iris, to help him make a monochrome portfolio of himself for Juniper's Bloom Day. However, Juniper is not pleased with the gift and expresses jealousy whenever Grover keeps mentioning Blanche's name, thinking he might have feelings for the demigod. With some helpful advise from Percy, Grover decides to spend the weekend with Juniper at camp to apologize for his behavior. She forgives him and the two still remain close, even helping her boyfriend warn him and his friends about the dangers of concentrated nectar.


    Percy Jackson

    Percy Jackson, his best friend and charge.

    Grover met Percy in Middle School at Yancy Academy, and realizing that he was a demigod (and a powerful one), he befriended him and helped Percy reach Camp Half-Blood. Percy often ends up saving Grover and laughs when Grover says he had been protecting Percy, which he has but in a different way Percy has. The two are best friends, have an empathy link, and have gone on many quests together. In The Lost Hero, Grover is heard to be looking for Percy and this is proven correct when Percy has a dream/empathy link connection with Grover in The Son of Neptune. In The Chalice of the Gods, Grover is scared of the fact that Percy is leaving for New Rome after graduation, but they both promise to visit each other whenever they can. In The Tower of Nero, Percy and Annabeth went on a road trip with Grover and celebrate their graduation of high school, where Grover goes with them to the West Coast.

    Annabeth Chase-Viria

    Annabeth Chase, his close friend.

    Annabeth is one of Grover's closest friends, ever since he helped her get to Camp Half-Blood with Luke. They talk to each other often, and both share the feeling of protecting Percy (though for different reasons).

    Thalia Grace

    Thalia Grace, a demigod he escorted to camp.

    Thalia is one Grover's closest and oldest friends who also traveled with him. Grover felt guilty and blamed himself for her death, so she often had to tell him it was her own choice and not his fault.


    Tyson, a cyclops he befriended after getting over his fear of him.

    Despite Grover's fear of Cyclopes, Grover has grown to like Tyson, and became one of his best friends when they bonded in the Labyrinth.

    Council of Cloven Elders and Satyrs[]


    The Council of Cloven Elders, who he would join after being criticized by them.

    Though originally ridiculed for claiming to have found Pan and said that the great god Pan was dead, Grover was accepted after being proclaimed a member of the Council after the events of The Last Olympian. In The House of Hades, he's referred to as one of its leaders by Rachel Elizabeth Dare during a meeting with the Romans.

    Video Game[]

    The Lightning Thief[]

    Main article: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (video game)Grover is one of the main characters in the video game for The Lightning Thief. He has no resistance or vulnerability to any type of move.

    Grover in The Lightning Thief video game

    Ability Name Effects Ability Cost
    Patch Up Healing to one ally. 4
    Crutch Swing Inaccurate, heavy Physical attack against a single enemy. 5
    Keeper’s Watch Protection to a single ally. Increases Teamwork. 3
    Natural Medicine Healing to one ally. Recovers from all effects. 5
    Jaunty Tune Increases Teamwork. 3
    Low Blow Reliable Physical attack against a single enemy. Causes Stun. 7
    Nature’s Bounty Healing to all allies. 6
    Envenomed Melody Weak vs Poison against all enemies. 7
    Wake Up! Healing to one ally. Resurrect from KO. 8
    Keeper’s Pact Protection to all allies. Increases Teamwork. 6
    Spicy Samba Weak vs Fire for all enemies. 7
    Battle of March Haste to all allies. Increases Teamwork. 6
    Display Head Poison Damage and Stun against all enemies. 8
    Show Head Poison damage and Stun against a single enemy 6


    • Grover is a masculine given name of English origin meaning “Grove Dweller.”
    • Underwood is a surname of English origin meaning “Under or below Wood”.


    • His favorite song to play on his reed pipes is "Muskrat Love."[1]
    • His favorite food is cheese enchiladas.
    • He claims that satyrs are vegetarians.
    • Grover is the only searcher to find Pan, and return alive in the last two-thousand years.
    • Grover found and was assigned as protector to all known Greek half-blood children of the Big Three. This includes Thalia Grace, Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, and Bianca di Angelo.
    • In the books he is Caucasian, but in the films, he is African-American.
    • Grover is known to have had a crush on a blueberry bush and Artemis, because of her love for nature. He acts on his crush in The Titans Curse when he is one of the first to join the quest to save her, and apologizes to Percy Jackson later for this.
    • Grover is a member of the Council of Cloven Elders and is later stated to be a leader of the Council. He is also now a Lord of the Wild.
    • Grover has a girlfriend, who is a wood nymph named Juniper.
    • Along with Gleeson Hedge, Grover is the only known satyr who has a surname.
    • When he plays "YMCA" on his reed pipes, the strawberry bushes at Camp Half-Blood try to strangle him.
    • When Percy is not claimed yet, he assumes that Percy is most likely a child of the minor gods; as he brought up Nemesis. However, that would be impossible as Percy had a mortal mother and not father, though Apollo notes in The Hidden Oracle that gods can have children with a same-sex parent. If Grover was thinking of this fact is unknown.
    • During The House of Hades, he states that Percy thinks his rendition of "Born to Be Wild" to be a deadly weapon.
    • In the Chalice of the Gods, it’s revealed that Percy gave him the Giving Tree book by Shel Silverstein as a birthday present only for Grover to hit Percy in retaliation because he hated the plot.



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