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Gum Baby is an alive and female doll.


While he was on a quest, Anansi created a wooden doll and covered it over with gum, then puts a plate of yams in its lap, in order to capture and African fairy named Mmoatia. She takes the bait and eats the yams, but grows angry when the Gum Baby does not respond and strikes it, becoming stuck in the process.

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Gum Baby looked like a homemade doll that someone had carved out of wood, painted it a dark molasses brown that hadn’t quite dried yet, drawn two black dots for eyes, and glued curly black wool on its head in two afro-puffs. She was almost a foot high, and she wore a black turtle neck and pants but her tiny feet were bare. Each of her footsteps made a sound like Velcro strips separating and left behind a trail of stains.

Her voice sounded strange and high-pitched, like when someone breathed in helium from a balloon and their voice gets squeaky. This is unlike the Gum Baby that Anansi made that was silent and also wore leaves for clothes instead.[1]


  • Gum Baby's story is extremely similar to the one of the Tar Baby. In it, Brer Fox creates a similar doll made out of tar to trap Brer Rabbit.[2]


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