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Gunlod (also known as Gunnlöð) is the daughter of the Jotunn, Suttung.


When Odin was searching for Kvasir's Mead, he found its location and wooed Gunlod into giving him most of the batch. Due to this encounter, she became pregnant with Odin’s son Bragi, the god of poetry.

However because she gave away the mead her father Suttung tied her life force to the cave as punishment, if she were to leave the cave she would die.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

Gunlod heard Magnus Chase, Samirah al-Abbas, Mallory Keen and Jack from the other side of the doors. Although she can give them the mead, she cannot leave because her life force is bounded to the cave. She advises them to pry the doors open with two magical weapons. Mallory uses her two knives allowing Gunlod to pour the mead into Sam's canteen with a hose. After, that she reveals that the group has triggered the silent alarm and that Baugi and Suttung will be here any minute.


Gunlod had pale but beautiful icy blue eyes framed by wisps of golden hair.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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