Gus is a Greek demigod, son of Hermes, and a former camper from 1988 at Camp Half-Blood.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

It is said that he had stolen a pair of fuzzy dice from Chrysaor's Honda Civic in 1988. These dice can still be found today residing in the Big House Attic. It is unknown if Gus is still alive. If he is, he would be one of the oldest campers, being at least around the age of 36. But he probably might be dead since only few demigods survive because of Monsters hunting them down.


It is not mentioned what supernatural powers Hermes has, but this much can be gleaned from what he is known for.

  • Hermes is the god of thieves, so Gus might have a supernatural way of stealing things without others noticing. He can pick locks just with enough concentration.
  • Hermes is the god of speed, travel, roadways, and the messenger of the gods. His children might be able to teleport to places (Luke did this at the end of The Lightning Thief.)
  • Hermes is also the god of athletes, so his children are most likely athletic.

Hermes, father of Gus.

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