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Gustavo Vidon is a calamity physicist. He is the father of Sal Vidon and the husband of both Floramaria Vidon and Lucy Vidon.


Sal Vidon

Sal Vidon, his son

Gustavo was born in Cuba but immigrated to the United States of America with his wife Floramaria and the two had a son. He settled in Connecticut to be close to his work. When Sal was nine his wife died and he remarried a woman named Lucy soon after. Sal would inadvertently bring alternate versions of his first wife to their dimension and the three would fight. They moved to Miami, Florida after a unicorn Sal summoned would not vanish and it destroyed the house.

Sal & Gabi series

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

When he and his second wife come home, they realize his first wife is with them. They have dinner and he is enjoying the food until his first wife starts to flirt with him, disturbing him. After Sal passes out and they take him to the hospital. He scans his son but finds nothing out of the ordinary. He tells his wife that all the Floramaria’s Sal summoned has some similarities between his Floramaria. He also tells her that the Rememberation Machine is complete. Before Sal “wakes up”, he and Lucy decide to takeaway Sal’s magic privileges for a week but decide against it.

Sal is discharged at 5:30 and the Vidóns race home to shower. He gets out first and makes coffee and hot chocolate. He asks Sal if he brought Floramaria back on purpose, he says no. Sal asks Gustavo if his device can close rips in the universe, he says he is not sure.

Later, Sal and Gabi come home to find him and others assembling a machine in the living room. He has Sal help him with sundaes. He tells Sal that he relocated them to Miami to better un his field to help him and that he thinks Sal could close the rips he makes. He finds Gabi‘s struggle to help Sal understand that Bonita is a robot to be amusing. He and Sal take Lucy to her favorite restaurant and tell her about the machine.

The following day he lets Sal spend the night at the hospital and he and Lucy get to know Gabi Real and her family. He lets Sal and Gabi go to Culeco to do a project after Gabi promises they will be back by 9:30. As he and his wife leave the hospital they spend almost an hour saying goodbye to the Reals.

The next day he and his wife bring props and supplies to help Sal and Gabi with their Everyman play. On Sunday he watches the play and enjoys it.

As they drive home he and his wife congratulate Sal on the performance and think he has a future in show business. Just then they get an urg message about Iggy’s immune system failing and they rush back to the hospital.

A week after Iggy recovers he and Bonita are given the paper their alternate selves wrote and happily use it to further their research.


Gustavo is a big man with thick biceps.


Gustavo is a caring man who enjoys spending time with his family and throwing parties.


  • He has a self driving car.
  • He is a germaphobe.
  • He has arachophodia.
  • He enjoys hosting parties and serving dessert.
  • He smokes one cigar a month.
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