Gyeong-Ja is a human cadet in the Thousand Worlds Space Forces, assigned to the Pale Lightning. She is training to be a navigator.

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Dragon Pearl

During breakfast in the Pale Lighting’s mess, she and other girl are overheard by Min, disguised as the recently deceased Bae Jang, about why the human “Jang” would choose to be around supernaturals such as Haneul and Sujin. Later during Lieutenant Hyosu’s simulated dog fight. She is paired with “Jang”, she flies while “he” shoots. They do well together and “Jang” asks about Jun. She refers to him as a traitor along with the others with him.

The following day she asks Hyosu if the Dragon Pearl is as powerful as legend says it is.


Gyeong-Ja is prejudice against supernaturals.

Dragon Pearl
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